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HAMAMELIS COMP. Ointment, Hamamelis virginiana

HAMAMELIS COMP. Ointment, Hamamelis virginiana

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HAMAMELIS COMP. Ointment, Hamamelis virginiana

hamamelis virginiana benefits for skin:

Witch hazel is another name for the plant Hamamelis virginiana, which produces an extract that has many medicinal properties, including for skincare. For example, witch hazel extract acts as an astringent, meaning that it cleanses your skin and tightens your pores.


Composition 10 g HAMAMELIS COMP. Ointment, Hamamelis virginiana contains:


Hamamelis virginiana, Summitates destillata Ø (HAB, V. 52) 0.5 g / Stibium metallicum praeparatum Trit. D1 0.2g.
Excipients: Refined Sesame Oil, Wool Wax, Yellow Wax, Wool Wax Alcohols (contain butylated hydroxytoluene), Purified Water.

Areas of application
According to the anthroposophical knowledge of man and nature.
These include: Deforming chronic inflammatory changes in the skin, especially at the skin-mucosal boundary, eg eczema, ulcerations (ulcerations), fissures (rhagades), haemorrhoids.

Dosage HAMAMELIS COMP. Ointment, Hamamelis virginiana


Unless otherwise prescribed, apply the ointment to the affected areas several times a day or use it as an ointment bandage.

warning notice
Contains sesame oil, wool wax, butylated hydroxytoluene — please read the package insert.


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