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GYNELLA Silver Caps, bacterial vaginosis treatment

GYNELLA Silver Caps, bacterial vaginosis treatment

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GYNELLA Silver Caps vaginal capsules, bacterial vaginosis treatment 10 pcs

Manufacturer: SANAVITA Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Item name: GYNELLA Silver Caps Vaginal Capsules
Quantity: 10 St
Dosage Form: Vaginal Capsules


Use of GYNELLA Silver Caps: Vaginal Disorders, GYNELLA Silver Caps, bacterial vaginosis treatment

        (Vaginitis and Vaginosis), Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast Infection (Candida), Aerobic Vaginitis, Mixed

GYNELLA Silver Caps, bacterial vaginosis treatment Forms Use:


Gynella Silver Caps are best used before sleeping for 7 days.

TIAB represents a new "era" for medicinal silver. TIAB is an innovative complex molecular system developed using microtechnologies containing silver ions Ag + in combination with titanium dioxide (TiO2). Silver ions have very high antimicrobial activity thanks to the covalent bond to titanium dioxide.
The silver innovation TIAB works in three ways:


Micro Silver in ionic form is fully available for antimicrobial activity. Neutralize microbes instead of attacking and protect against other microbes coming from outside.


Isolation of the site of attack by microbial species, the infection cannot spread thanks to the protective film formed by the product


Promote the natural repair and rejuvenation of tissues.


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