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  • GREEN MASK. THE GREEN MILK MASK shows a number of beneficial properties. It improves the appearance of the skin. Disinfects and disinfects. It accelerates the healing and scarring of the damaged epidermis. Antioxidant.

Montmorillonite - Illite.

GREEN MILITARY MASK has a positive effect on the skin condition. It has antioxidant properties. Collects collagen fibers at the same time. Has a curative effect on acne lesions, eczema, ulcers. The product intensively nurtures and accelerates the renewal of tired skin. It decontaminates and strengthens and delays aging processes. Clearly reduces stretch marks and orange skin. It works slimming. MASCAR Clay green CATTIER is characterized by disinfecting properties, absorbing and accelerating healing. It supports the coagulation process and scarring.

- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the product

It is recommended to use a mask for tired, oily and acne skin as well as for slimming and curative treatments (eg for psoriasis, eczema, skin inflammation).

Directions for use:
Use externally. To prepare the mask for the face and neck use: 2 flat teaspoons of clay mixed with water in a wooden or glass dish (so as to get the consistency of thick cream). The mask can be enriched with a few drops of olive oil (in the case of mixed skin). Apply the mask so prepared on the skin, and after 10-20 minutes, wash with warm water or tonic. Do not allow to dry. A mask prepared from more clay can be used on the skin of the body (eg in affected areas). Wrap with elastic bandage or foil. Leave for about 1 hour (preferably under a warm cover), then wash off using alternately warm and cold strong shower.
For oral use: 1 teaspoon of clay mixed with a glass of mineral water or boiled. Set aside for the night. In the morning on an empty stomach, drink only the clay water - throw the rest away. After 7 days of such treatment, change the system. Before drinking the solution thoroughly mix and drink the entire contents of the glass. It is usually recommended to use the product for 21 days with a 7-day break x 3; or without a break. Do not take fat within 1 hour after drinking the clay.


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