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Ziegler GmbH Homöopathika ad us. vet.

GINSENG S-logoplex drops vet.

GINSENG S-logoplex drops vet.

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GINSENG S-logoplex drops vet.

warning notice For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your veterinarian or pharmacist.

Registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no indication of a therapeutic indication. A veterinary examination should be carried out before use.

  • To enter.
  • Shake the medicine well before taking it out.


GINSENG S-logoplex drops vet. composition


Active ingredients GINSENG S-logoplex drops vet. per 100 g:


 Panax ginseng dil. D2  1g
 Aconitum napellus Dil. D3  1g
 Anamirta cocculus Dil. D3  1g
 Atropa bella donna Dil. D3  1g
 Bryonia Dil. D2  1g
 Cinchona pubescens (China) Dil. D2  1g
 Conium maculatum Dil. D3  1g
 Gelsemium sempervirens Dil. D3  1g
 Hypercium perforatum Dil. D2  1g
 Lycopodium clavatum Dil. D2  1g
 Pulsatilla pratensis Dil. D2  1g
 Rhus toxicodendron Dil. D3  1g
 Solanum dulcamara Dil. D3  1g
 Strophanthus gratus Dil. D3  1g
 Strychnos nuxvomica Dil. D3  1g
 Symphytum officinale Dil. D2  1g

ethanol, purified water


Note: Medicine contains 50% alcohol by volume.


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