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Gargarin Mukoterpia 225ml x 4 pcs

Gargarin Mukoterpia 225ml x 4 pcs

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Gargarin Mukotherapy is a medical device in the form of a mouthwash with a moisturizing effect. It is recommended, among others as a support in the treatment of inflammation of the oral mucosa, which occurs in people after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Composition of Gargarin Mukotherapy:

Purified water, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate, benzalkonium chloride, monobasic sodium phosphate.

Gargarin Mukotherapy included:

2 transparent bottles Mukotherapy I (225ml x 2) + measuring cup, 2 brown bottles Mukotherapy II (225ml x 2) + measuring glass.

Operation of Gargarin Mukotherapy:

Moisturizing and soothing mouthwash is recommended for use as an adjunct in the treatment of inflammation of the oral mucosa, which is a complication after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The medical device Gargarin Mukotherapy is also indicated in case of insufficient secretion of ?? rope, as a supplement to daily oral hygiene and in the case of excessive drying ?? of the oral mucosa. The preparation moisturizes the mucosa, which reduces excessive dryness resulting from insufficient secretion of the rope or xerostomia. It reduces pain and soothes irritation. The composition of the solution is similar to that of the human rope, therefore it reduces the risk of tooth decay and oral infections that may occur due to insufficient production of the rope. The fluid cleans the mucosa of the mouth, tongue and oropharynx.

The medical device Gargarin Mukotherapy is intended for use as a mouthwash in the case of excessively dry throat mucosa, in the treatment of inflammation, also in people after chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light. Each 225 ml bottle contains 15 doses of the liquid (15 ml each). Should be used within 15 days of opening.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the medical device.

How to use Gargarin Mukotherapy:

Measure the appropriate amount of liquid: 15 ml of liquid from a transparent Gargarin Mukotherapy I bottle and 15 ml of liquid from a brown Gargarin Mukotherapy II bottle. For measuring out, use the measuring glasses provided in the package. After measuring the liquid, close the bottles tightly. Pour the contents of both glasses into a clean glass and mix. Use immediately or no later than 30 minutes after liquids are combined. First, rinse the mouth for about one minute with half of the prepared solution. Spit out and repeat the action with the other half of the solution. Rinse the glasses with clean water and dry. It is recommended to rinse the mouth every day 4-10 times a day during the entire treatment period.


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