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FREE OIL Hydrolipid Intensive Cream

FREE OIL Hydrolipid Intensive Cream

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FREE OIL Hydrolipid Intensive Cream

 FREE OIL Hydrolipid Intensive Cream

frei öl ® HYDROLIPID Intensive Cream, FREE OIL Hydrolipid Intensive Cream

Rich care for dry skin
The rich nourishing care frei öl ® HYDROLIPID Intensive Cream is an intelligent cream that recognizes what the skin needs. It supplies the skin with lipids and moisture and supports cell renewal. With the lipid balance complex, it works deep in the skin in two ways: it stimulates dry skin to increase its own lipid production and at the same time regulates the lipid content so that the balance is restored. In addition, it provides moisture and thus meets the needs of dry skin. The result is an incomparable skin feeling. All ingredients are controlled according to pharmaceutical principles.

The free oil® EFFECT:
• Increases lipid production by 154%* with evening primrose and jojoba oil
• Balances the lipid content with the lipid balance complex
• Increases the skin's moisture content by 47% with urea and aloe vera
• Supports cell renewal with vitamin A

Intelligent face cream for every skin type
The intensive cream is not only suitable for dry skin, but also for normal and combination skin as well as for dehydrated but oily skin. The intelligent facial care recognizes what the skin needs and brings the lipid content back into balance. Dry skin is stimulated to increase the fat content, with oily skin it stimulates to reduce the lipid content.


With its rich texture, the frei öl ® HYDROLIPID Intensive Cream immediately cares for and nourishes dry skin. Apply the cream to the face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening after cleansing and massage in gently. The rich water-in-oil emulsion is also suitable as a moisturizing night care and is ideal protection against the cold for dry facial skin in winter. Beauty tip: The skin can absorb the active ingredients in creams for face and body care even better if the pores are opened with a warm compress before application.


Dry skin can often no longer form enough lipids and store moisture on its own. The specialists at frei öl ®HYDROLIPID series support the natural skin functions and protect against drying influences. Satisfied users confirm the beneficial effect and a smooth feeling on the skin from the very first application.


frei öl ® HYDROLIPID Intensive Cream contains highly effective ingredients and natural oils. Controlled according to the strictest pharmaceutical principles, the intensive cream is produced without ingredients that are harmful to the skin and irritating and is free of alcohol, dyes, microplastics**, mineral oils (paraffins), parabens, PEG/PEG derivatives and silicones.


The intelligent skin cream recognizes exactly what the skin needs. This is also confirmed by clinical studies: in test persons with dry skin, the use of frei öl ® HYDROLIPID IntensiveCream showed an increase in the skin sebum content, in test persons with normal to oily skin the skin sebum content was demonstrably reduced.


I suffer from very dry skin on my face, especially in summer. Which face cream is better for me in hot temperatures - the hydrolipid intensive cream or the moisturizing cream?
Many of our users who treat their skin with frei öl ®HYDROLIPID Intensive Cream, prefer a lighter texture in summer to provide dry skin with sufficient moisture and recommend the regular use of frei öl ® HYDROLIPID Moisturizing Cream for the summer months.

Does HYDROLIPID Intensive Cream contain perfumes and does it smell very intense?
Fragrances are included in our products because fragrance is an important part of the cosmetic experience. We use light and mild fragrances that don't last long and dissipate shortly after use. In addition, we pay great attention to the skin compatibility of the fragrances and subject all our products to strict pharmaceutical controls.

*In vitro test
**Recipe without microplastics according to the definition of the Federal Environment Agency (2020).


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