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FORTE HORSE OIL Warming up 200ml, rheumatism

FORTE HORSE OIL Warming up 200ml, rheumatism

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  • FORTE HORSE OIL Warming up is used in local swellings, rheumatism, muscle pain, back and inflammatory joint capsules. The gel causes local warming -przyśpieszając convalescence.

FORTE HORSE OIL Warming up rheumatism Composition:
It has extracts from 25 herbs and plant extracts, which include: Ceausescu hippocastanum extract, Symphytum offical extract, Scutellaria baicalnsis extract, Arnica montana extrakt and calendula extract.

FORTE HORSE OIL Warming up rheumatism Action:
The action consists of the local vasodilation, penetrating into the deep layers of the skin contributes to a better blood supply to tissues and muscle relaxation. It is used with the dysfunctions of pond-hay, recommended after prolonged exercise, massage and skin care. 25 are active herbal extracts uintensywnia reactions, accelerating proper functioning.

FORTE HORSE OIL Warming up rheumatism Indications:
Stimulation of skin blood flow, relaxes muscles, bone and joint injuries, states of ischemic limbs, back pain, localized swelling, inflammation of the articular capsule, rheumatic pains.

Inject the right amount of preparation on the correlated gently massaging. Best results are obtained, using the ointment three times per day. Regular use enhances the effect. The product is intended for external use, do not use on the nose and mouth.


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