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FOOTNER Vital-Kick for the feet dosing foam

FOOTNER Vital-Kick for the feet dosing foam

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FOOTNER Vital-Kick for the feet dosing foam

pack size:50ml Dosage form:dosing foam

Footner ® Vital Kick massage roller

  • For burning, heavy and tired feet
  • Foot care with cooling massage effects
  • Immediate help for aching feet

Footner Vital-Kick is a foot massage roller for burning, tired and heavy feet.

Footner ® Vital-Kick doesn't stand a chance against burning and aching feet. Enjoy soothing foot care and cooling massage effects. Order now!

Immediate help for burning, heavy and tired feet
Foot problems are not only annoying, they also impair the quality of life. Frequent standing at work, warm summer days, wearing high heels and extensive sports or long hiking tours all take their toll on our feet. The result is often pain in the back of the foot or ball of the foot and hot, swollen or burning feet.

Footner® _Vital-Kick works quickly and reliably for foot problems caused by overloading. The innovative massage roller not only effectively relieves pain in the foot, but also ensures relaxation and recovery. Whether at home or on the go - Footner ® Vital-Kick is the ideal everyday companion for foot care and foot pain.

Beneficial foot care with Footner ® Vital-Kick

  • Cools immediately
  • Relaxed and massaged
  • Moisturizes
  • Soothes the skin

Easy to use, quick effect
Footner ® Vital-Kick works effectively and immediately thanks to its special combination of moisturizing foam, cooling massage ball and valuable plant extracts. While the tormented feet are being massaged and relaxed with the metal ball, the active herbal ingredients of arnica, multi-flowered Solomon's seal and Mediterranean cypress ensure beneficial relaxation. The innovative foot massage roller is easy to use: simply remove the lid, press the metal ball for a few seconds and the wellness kick for your feet is ready to use.

Application Recommendations

  • Shake the container briefly before use and hold it upright
  • Press metal ball down for a few seconds until foam comes out
  • Gently massage the foam into the soles of the feet with the metal ball in circular motions
  • Clean the massage head with water after use and dry it. Close container tightly with cap
  • Store containers away from direct sunlight and heat
  • Keep out of reach of children


FOOTNER Vital-Kick for the feet dosing foam
Due to weight shifting and a poor footbed in the shoes, the feet are often overstrained when wearing high heels. Footner ® Vital-Kick cools, massages and relaxes aching feet.



standing is very tiring for your feet. This is why so-called standing jobs in particular suffer, e.g. B. Sellers with foot problems. With Footner ® Vital-Kick, stressed feet can recover.


Exploring a new city not only tests your sense of direction, but also your feet. So that these don't hurt, Footner Vital-Kick is the perfect companion.


How often can Footner ® Vital-Kick be used?
The application can be repeated at any time if necessary. Once the foam on the massage head has been used up, simply reactivate and apply.

Who is Footner ® Vital-Kick suitable for?
Footner ® Vital-Kick is suitable for everyone. Only people with diabetes or circulatory problems should consult their doctor before treatment.

How long can the Footner ® Vital-Kick be stored?
After opening, the massage roller should be used within 6 months.

How is the footner® Vital-Kick massage roller?
Store the massage roller away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Due to its handy size, the Footner ® Vital-Kick can be stored in your handbag or on your bedside table at any time.

How many treatments are included in the Footner Vital-Kick?
The Footner Vital-Kick contains up to 90 applications.


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