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FLUIMUCIL MUKO 200mg x 20 sachets

FLUIMUCIL MUKO 200mg x 20 sachets

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FLUIMUCIL MUKO 200mg x 20 sachets

  • FLUIMUCIL MUKO contains acetylcysteine, which causes disruption of disulfide bonds in the polypeptides of secretion in the airways. Thanks to this it thins and makes it easier to expectorate.

The FLUIMUCIL MUKO active substance is acetylcysteine. Excipients: aspartame, Beta-carotene, orange flavor, sorbitol. 1 sachet (1 g of granules) contains 100 mg of acetylcysteine.

The drug works on the basis of acetylcysteine ​​and because of this it belongs to the group of secretolytic preparations. This substance is responsible for the disruption of disulfide bonds in the mucus polypeptides present in the airways during infection. In this way, it works by means of thinning and supports the process of expectoration and improves the function of the respiratory epithelium. In addition, acetylcysteine ​​has antioxidant properties and neutralizes the action of free radicals. It is well absorbed and the highest concentration is achieved in the airways 0.5-3h after application.

FLUIMUCIL MUKO Contraindications:
- allergy to the components of the preparation
- gastric / duodenal ulcers
- asthma
- phenylketonuria
- taking antitussive drugs

The product is recommended for infections in the respiratory system with difficult expectoration.

FLUIMUCIL MUKO Dosage: To be used
orally. For adults and adolescents over 14 years old, use 1 sachet x 2-3 / 24h. For children aged 7-14, give 1 sachet x 2 / 24h. Take after reconstitution in a small amount of water. Do not use later than 4 hours before bedtime (last dose).


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