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FIT + FEELGOOD Slim Shake Banana Quark Powder 396 g

FIT + FEELGOOD Slim Shake Banana Quark Powder 396 g

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Layenberger Fit + Feelgood Slim Shake Banana Quark 396g Instructions for


To reduce weight, replace two out of three main meals with the Fit & Feelgood meal replacement. The product only fulfills the intended purpose in the context of a low-calorie diet; other foods must be part of this diet. You should therefore prepare a third low-calorie, vitamin-rich main meal (max. 600kcal) yourself.

For weight control in order to maintain your body weight after weight loss, replace a main meal with the Fit & Feelgood meal replacement.When dieting, you should make sure to drink enough (at least 2 liters of calorie-free or low-calorie liquid per day).

For a Fit & Feelgood meal, take three measuring spoons of powder (33g) and 200ml of cold, low-fat milk (1.5% fat) and prepare the shake in a handshaker or mixer. Shake for a good 20 seconds and then drink in small sips. If you would like the shake a little creamier, leave it in the glass or shaker for about five minutes. Weighing recommended for exact dosage.

FIT + FEELGOOD Slim Shake Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet)


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