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Fenistil gel 50g

Fenistil gel 50g

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Fenistil gel 50g

  • Fenistil is a medicinal product containing dimethindene maleate. The action of this active substance is to inhibit the action of histamine. The product soothes skin irritations and reduces swelling, it also has a strong anti-pruritic effect.

Fenistil gel composition:

Active substance: dimethindene maleate. 1g of gel contains 1mg of dimethindene maleate and auxiliary substances: benzalkonium chloride, sodium edetate, carbomer (carbopol 974 P), sodium hydroxide 30%, propylene glycol, purified water.

Fenistil gel action:

The drug for external use. Fenistil has a topical anti-allergic effect, because it inhibits the action of histamine. In addition, the gel has a strong antipruritic effect (in addition to cholestatic itch), reduces swelling and reduces irritation, and locally anesthesia and cools. The active substance is dimethindene maleate.


Medicinal product Fenistil gel is indicated for pruritus, which is a symptom of skin diseases, urticaria, insect bites, sunburn, first degree burns (superficial burns).

Additional information:

Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. In young children avoid application on a large area of ​​the skin, especially in the case of burns, wounds and inflammation of the skin. The possibility of using the drug in women during pregnancy and lactation should consult a doctor, however, it is not recommended to use the drug on a large area of ​​the skin (mainly in the case of inflammation and wounds), and during lactation should not apply nipple gel. The drug contains: propylene glycol (may irritate the skin) and benzalkonium chloride (irritates, can cause skin reactions). Avoid exposure to the sun when using the product on large areas of the skin.


Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the gel. Do not use in case of second and third degree burns.

Side effects:

Some people may experience side effects while taking the medicine. Part unknown: dry skin, burning, allergic skin reactions - itching of the skin, rash.

Dosage of Fenistil gel:

Use as directed by your doctor or follow the instructions on the leaflet. For external use. It is recommended to apply 2-4 times a day. Spread the thin layer of the gel on the affected skin or in the itchy area.


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