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ENDO Hyalobarrier gel filled syringe 10ml x 1 piece

ENDO Hyalobarrier gel filled syringe 10ml x 1 piece

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  • Hyalobarrier gel. Nordic Pharma launched Hyalobarrier gel formulation of Endo, which almost completely prevents the formation of post-surgical adhesions in and around the abdomen, which can have a negative effect on health.

A medical device Hyalobarrier Endo gel in the form of pre-filled syringe for use after surgery in the area of the abdomen and pelvis. Clear, very viscous gel contains hyaluronic acid (ACP ® - auto-crosslinked polysacharide), which is one of the building blocks of the connective tissue and epithelium. Due to the high viscosity of the gel adheres closely to the tissues of the abdominal cavity, a barrier between tissues. The gel is absorbed within 7 days of application.

A medical device Hyalobarrier gel ENDO pre-filled syringe for use in order to reduce formation of adhesions in the abdomen and pelvis after laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgical procedures.

Additional information:
The product disposable. Keep out of reach of children at 2-8 ° C. The product at room temperature may be kept very short.

not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation, and in patients with active infection or infection within the surgical site.

The medical device must be used by qualified staff. Preparation warm to room temperature, open to move the syringe to the sterile field. Remove the protective cover, insert the cannula attached. Press piston distributing the product within the abdominal or pelvic exactly covering selected areas. The gel layer should be 1-2 mm. Do not rinse the surgical field after applying the product.


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