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ELECTRIC nasal aspirator 1 pc

ELECTRIC nasal aspirator 1 pc

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The OLAF nasal aspirator is the secret of quiet baby nights.

Recommended by midwives and paediatricians as a medical product - suitable from the first day of life.
Free your baby's nose from secretions the gentle way.

OLAF® - the elephantastic nasal aspirator helps your baby to breathe easier.
Clear your baby's nose of secretions the gentle way.

In the first few months of life, infants breathe exclusively through the nose; they cannot yet switch to mouth breathing.

ELECTRIC nasal aspirator. A blocked nose is therefore particularly difficult for the baby. Quick help is then important. Because within a very short time, the nasal mucous membranes swell so much that normal nasal breathing is very difficult. The earlier you start regularly sucking off the troublesome secretions - preferably at the beginning of the cold - the less a small cold will spread. Because you probably already know that pathogens in the respiratory tract can lead to secondary diseases such as B. otitis media, slimy cough and bronchitis.

OLAF® - the elephantastic nasal aspirator is a particularly effective and hygienic solution for the removal of nasal secretions from the baby's small nose, and an investment that is worthwhile: the purchase costs of the nasal aspirator pay off many times over through years of use.

ELECTRIC nasal aspirator:
- The OLAF® nasal aspirator is small, handy and adapts well to babies' small noses.
- The optimally adjusted suction power ensures a gentle drainage of secretions.
- The device works with a constant negative pressure generated by the batteries.
- The nose is gently and hygienically cleared of disruptive secretions within 5 seconds. (The suction time depends on the amount and consistency of the nasal secretion. If the mucus is stuck, it is recommended to work with saline beforehand.)
- Nasal drops or nasal sprays can work much better after the secretion has been suctioned off, as the nose is clear and the active substance of the drug is clear comes into better contact with the nasal mucosa.
- OLAF® - the elephantastic nasal aspirator is a medical product.
- You have one year guarantee on the nasal aspirator from the date of purchase.


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