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ECG and ultrasound gel 500g

ECG and ultrasound gel 500g

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  • ECG and ultrasound gel. Large packaging - 500 g of gel used to perform ultrasound and electrocardiographic examinations in doctors' surgeries.

Purified water - 95.34% by weight; 1,2-propanadiol - 3.40% by weight; Acrylic acid polymer - 0.70% by weight; sodium hydroxide - 0.21 wt.%; nipagine M - 0.20% by weight; bronopol - 0.10% by weight; disodium edetate 2.hydrate - 0.05 wt%

Action: A
specialized gel for ECG and ultrasound examinations makes testing easier. It is easy to spread and has a neutral pH. The composition was chosen so that the presence of the gel would not affect the camera head. The viscosity guarantees adequate adhesion and also prevents the product from running off the body during the test.

Gel for ECG and ultrasound examinations is a medical device intended for use in ultrasound and electrocardiographic diagnostics.

Additional information:
Store in a tightly closed container at 5-25 ° C. C, in a darkened place.

Do not use in the case of hypersensitivity to any component of the gel.

Directions for use:
Apply the gel coat to the clean and dry skin on the chosen body surface to be tested. After completing the test with a paper towel, completely remove the remaining gel from the skin. If the need arises, the picture is not clear, more gel should be applied.


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