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Durex pleasuremax condoms x 12 pieces

Durex pleasuremax condoms x 12 pieces

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  • Durex pleasuremax condoms. Large container latex condoms containing up to 12 pieces.Pleasuremax Durex condoms have a ribbed structure that allows for a maximum dose of experience. They do not contain spermicide.

Surface Durex pleasuremax condoms is covered with a system of bands and tabs. They act as a stimulant, increasing the experience of both partners. They made from transparent natural rubber latex coated with moisturizer. The shape of the easy-on allows you to quickly assume a condom at the same time guarantees a perfect fit, and comfort during intercourse. The condom is finished with a special reservoir. Diameter: 56mm.

Durex pleasuremax condoms recommended for use as a method of contraception and as a protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Protect from light and moisture. Dermatologically tested and electronically. Keep in mind that the condom is not 100% protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV before.

How to use:
Carefully remove the condom from its packaging so that it is not damaged. Replace the member erect. The condom can be used only once.All gels line Durex Play can be safely used with condoms Durex.


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