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DUREX Play Silicone intimate gel Perfect Glide 50ml

DUREX Play Silicone intimate gel Perfect Glide 50ml

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  • DUREX Play Silicone intimate gel Perfect Glide is a product with strong moisturizing properties. It works much longer than traditional water-based lubricants.

Cyclioentasiloxane, Dimethiconol.

Action: The product has the form of a unique intimate gel characterized by an extremely long action. It is enough to use a small amount of it to enjoy your pleasure even longer (not requiring the intercourse and the gel to be applied again). Research proves that this product works up to 3 times longer than the most popular water-based Durex lubricant. It is characterized by a silky, warm silicone base that effectively reduces the feeling of dryness and relieves discomfort. It exhibits strong and long-lasting moisturizing properties and therefore significantly increases sexual experience in both men and women.

- allergy to the constituent substances of the product

It is recommended to use the gel during sexual activity (vaginal, anal or oral sex) to increase the hydration of the intimate spheres in women or men.

Directions for use:
Apply topically. A small amount of gel should be spread within the intimate organs. Repeat if necessary. The product does not protect against unplanned pregnancy.


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