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DUPHALAC FRUIT syrup 500ml

DUPHALAC FRUIT syrup 500ml

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DUPHALAC FRUIT syrup 500ml

  • Duphalac lactulose syrup Fruit flavored plum, the preparation of a gentle and natural osmotic laxative. The drug DUPHALAC is useful in the treatment of constipation - assisted by the regulation of the physiological activity of the colon and stool softening.


DUPHALAC Composition:

1 ml of an aqueous oral solution contains 667 g per 1000 ml of lactulose and excipients. Duphalac may contain small amounts of lactose and galactose.


DUPHALAC FRUIT syrup Action:

Duphalac Fruit, the preparation of laxative, the use of which is indicated in the treatment of constipation and in the cases where it is necessary to soften the feces for reasons of medical conditions such as hemorrhoids, post-operative in the colon or rectum. The basic ingredient of Duphalac Fruit is lactulose, which decomposes in the colon by bacteria of the colon to the organic acids of low molecular weight. These acids causes the pH in the colonic lumen, and through osmotic action - an increase in volume of the contents of the colon stimulates the motility of the colon and lead to restoration of normal stool consistency. This leads to the resignation of constipation and restore the physiological rhythm of the colon peristalsis. Duphalac Fruit, has a delicate, plum flavor.


DUPHALAC FRUIT syrup Indications:

Duphalac Fruit, cure constipation: regulation of the physiological activity of the colon and contribute to the softening stool medical reasons (hemorrhoids, post-operative in the colon or rectum). The drug used in hepatic encephalopathy (EW): treatment and prevention of hepatic coma or conditions coma

Dosage DUPHALAC FRUIT syrup 500ml:
The drug should be used as prescribed. The drug is taken orally.
Daily doses should be individualized. The information below is indicative.
Initial dose: 15-45 ml dose podtrzymująca15-30 ml
Children (7-14):
The initial dose of 15 ml a maintenance dose of 10-15 ml
children (1-6 years):
Initial dose of 5-10 ml maintenance dose 5- 10 ml
5 ml
Most preferably take the recommended dose once at breakfast. The first clinical effects can occur after several days

drug Duphalac Fruit is contraindicated in the case of: lactulose or hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients, galactosemia, ileus.


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