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Duofilm wart remover, duofilm solution, Duofilm liquid 15ml

Duofilm wart remover, duofilm solution, Duofilm liquid 15ml

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  • Duofilm wart remover, Duofilm liquid, duofilm solution. The liquid, due to the content of salicylic and lactic acid, contributes to the exfoliation and destruction of wart tissue. It also fights viruses that are the cause of this type of skin lesion.

1 g of liquid on the skin contains: active substances: salicylic acid 167 mg and lactic acid 167 mg; excipients: elastic collodion.

Duofilm liquid is a product based on salicylic acid. It shows the softening and softening properties of callused epidermis. It contributes to its easier exfoliation. Lactic acid affects keratinization. It reduces too much of the epidermal keratosis typical of warts. What's more, it is a caustic agent, responsible for the destruction of the cornified papilloma tissue and the viruses that cause them. The liquid is intended for local use.

- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the product
- use of the product on the face and in the reproductive organs,
- application in children under 2 years,
- use on bleeding warts or damaged or changed skin within the warts

It is recommended to use the preparation in the case of long-standing constipation, acute liver failure with pre-coma and coma, and chronic liver failure accompanied by elevated levels of ammonia in the blood.

Use topically. In adults and adolescents over 12 years of age apply directly to wart x 1 / 24h. Soak wart for about 5 minutes in hot water. Then carefully wipe the surface with a pumice stone or a manicure device. Then spread the product on the wart, carefully avoiding healthy skin. Allow to dry completely. Repeat the treatment until the wart is completely removed (usually it takes about 6-12 weeks).


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