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Dr.Juice Pharma

DRJUICE colloidal silver liquid

DRJUICE colloidal silver liquid

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DRJUICE colloidal silver liquid

Dr.Juice liquid colloidal silver 200 ml + 20 squirts!

pack size:500ml Dosage form:liquid

What is Colloidal Silver?
Colloidal silver is a purely natural substance that has been used for over 100 years and is also known as "silver water". Before colloidal silver was replaced by modern anti-inflammatory and anti-infection agents such as antibiotics, silver water was extremely popular in medicine and pharmacy and was used to combat a variety of internal and external infections.

In contrast to active substances produced synthetically or semi-synthetically, colloidal silver consists only of silver particles or silver ions that have been dissolved in distilled water. Due to its biological composition, it has become an integral part of alternative medicine in Germany and around the world in recent years.

DRJUICE colloidal silver liquid. A warrior against all killers


But the fear is actually unfounded. Not because there are antibiotics - no. Let's not forget that the hasty delivery of antibiotics has resulted in more and more pathogens becoming immune to them. In addition, one antibiotic eliminates perhaps a dozen different pathogens, causing a significant weakening of the immune system.

No, 'salvation' comes once again from nature. Because as long as humans have existed, there has also been a remedy that is armed against literally every known germ, every bacterium that colonizes humans 'maliciously', every attacking virus and also against the insidious campaign of fungi: silver in a colloidal state.

Colloidal silver kills 650 different pathogens within a maximum of six minutes after ingestion. It does not attack a single vital bacterium in the body, only the aggressive mutants. Colloidal silver not only shows no side effects at all, it even strengthens the immune system at the same time instead of weakening it like antibiotics. It does not conflict with any other medication nor does it cause stomach upset; on the contrary, it is a digestive aid. It does not sting the eyes, and medical journal reports and documented studies over the last hundred years speak of no side effects from oral or intravenous administration of silver colloid, neither in humans nor in animals.

DRJUICE colloidal silver liquid. how it works


Recent research on colloidal silver gives us a little insight into how this wonderful, versatile warrior works against the evil invaders in and on our bodies:

• Colloidal silver probably kills viruses by forming DNA and/or RNA silver complexes or destroying the nucleic acids from;
• it kills protozoa, plasmodia and fungi including their spores and attacks worms, perhaps by inhibiting phosphate uptake and changing cell membrane permeability;
• it inhibits the enzyme posphomannose isomerase in yeast;
• It suppresses histamine and prostaglandin release in allergic and inflammatory reactions;
• it buffers excessive reactions of the immune system and thus alleviates allergic and inflammatory symptoms;
• it has an astringent effect on the wound surface in open wounds and significantly accelerates healing. The skin remains elastic and tears noticeably less in mechanically stressed areas;
• it reacts like a free radical in the body and binds excess electrons; it supports the detoxification of heavy metal pollution.

Again, colloidal silver is capable of killing pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi in vitro. There is no known bacterium that cannot be eliminated by colloidal silver within six minutes at a concentration of just 5 ppm per litre. after dr Robert O. Becker also kills all pathogenic microorganisms that are already immune to antibiotics by administering colloidal silver.

DRJUICE colloidal silver liquid. Diseases that have been successfully treated

Of course, we are not here recommending that you simply use colloidal silver and refrain from medical help if you have an illness. In any case, it is good if the intake of colloidal silver is discussed with a doctor or therapist in the event of illness and can be embedded in the context of therapeutic measures.

However, the following diseases have already been cured by administering colloidal silver (not an exhaustive list!):
Abscesses, acne, Aper Gillus Niger, arthritis, conjunctivitis, flatulence, cystitis, gangrene, blepharitis, appendicitis, blood parasites, bleeding, hemostasis, blood poisoning, borelliosis, mastitis, burn-out syndrome, Candida Albicans, cholera, cystitis, diabetes, diarrhea , diphtheria, inflammation of the small intestine, diarrhea, ovarian inflammation, fallopian tube inflammation, endocarditis, eczema, inflammation, frostbite, cold, fatigue, fever, cold sores, furunculosis, gallbladder inflammation, encephalitis, meningitis, joint inflammation, facial pain, ulcers, gonorrhea, flu, shingles, sore throat, strep throat , haemorrhoids, urethritis, skin cancer, itchy skin, hoarseness, herpes, hay fever, corneal injuries, dog tapeworm disease, infections, immune deficiency,Vaccination consequences, insect bites and stings, whooping cough, polio, colitis, cancer, food poisoning, food poisoning, food poisoning, Legionnaires' disease, leprosy, leptospirosis, leukemia, leukorrhea (white flow), cold sores, pneumonia, inflammation of the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, pinworm disease, gastritis, malaria, maleus , tonsillitis, measles, cradle cap, anthrax, mumps, mouth rash, stomatitis, muscle pain (chronic), nail fold infection, food allergies, sinusitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, hives, neurodermatitis, leg ulcers, osteomyelitis, parrot disease, paratyphoid, fungal infections, pneumonia, enlarged prostate, pharyngitis , regeneration, travel and seasickness, irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatism, ringworm, rubella,Salmonella poisoning, scarlet fever, cuts and abrasions, colds, psoriasis, dandruff, summer diarrhea, sunburn, sunstroke, thrush, roundworm disease, staphylococcal infection, fungal disease, streptococcal infection, streptomycosis, syphilis, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, typhoid, burns (severe degree), warts , chickenpox, wounds, bed sores, tetanus, worm infestation, plaque ) gingivitis.Worm infestation, dental plaque (plaques) Gingivitis.Worm infestation, dental plaque (plaques) Gingivitis.

The authors of the book provide treatment suggestions for a variety of different clinical pictures. Werner Kühni answered the question of whether one could also take colloidal silver effectively in the case of bird flu, although he also qualified that one still had no actual experience with bird flu. However, the related parrot disease has been successfully treated with colloidal silver.


DRJUICE colloidal silver liquid:

Colloidal silver can be ingested or applied externally for skin conditions. It also heals animals; particularly good results have been achieved against the rabbit parvo virus and in feline leukemia. In the garden, it works wonderfully against parasite infestation: Simply spray diluted silver colloid on the affected leaves and water the plants with it.


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