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DOBENDAN Junior 1.2mg / 0.6mg lozenges 24 pc

DOBENDAN Junior 1.2mg / 0.6mg lozenges 24 pc

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DOBENDAN ® Junior 1.2 mg / 0.6 mg lozenges

Active ingredient: 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol, amylmetacresol

With a strawberry flavor, Dobensana Junior helps with your child's

sore throat Swelling.

Warnings: Contains maltitol and isomalt (Ph.Eur.).

Note leaflet.

DOBENDAN For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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When children scratch their throat for the first time

• Effectively relieves sore throats
• Fights pathogens in the pharynx
• Well tolerated
• For use in children from the age of six

Sore throats especially common in children
A sore throat in children is one of the typical harbingers of a cold. When the throat scratches, it is difficult to swallow and it is painful to speak, the little ones suffer especially. Five to 16-year-olds are on average five times a year - and thus twice as often as adults - affected by inflammation in the throat and pharynx. Because the immune system is not yet fully developed in children, so that their defenses need longer to get infections under control. Pathogens such as viruses or bacteria can easily be transmitted from person to person by smear or droplet infection, especially in public places such as schools, day care centers or kindergartens.

Prevent a sore throat in good time

Not every infection can be avoided. However, measures can be taken to curb colds and the associated symptoms such as sore throats, difficulty swallowing and inflammation in the throat at an early stage. If an infection is on the way, children and adults need rest, relaxation and as much sleep as possible. Children often do not want to eat or drink when they have a sore throat, but a good hydration is important for the healing process. For example, warm tea helps to moisten the damaged mucous membranes and has a calming effect on the throat and pharynx. DOBENDAN ® Junior lozenges can also provide quick and long-lasting relief from sore throats.

Well tolerated by children from six years of age

DOBENDAN Junior lozenges have an antibacterial effect and are completely free of antibiotics, added sugar and artificial colors. The active ingredients 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol (DCBA) and amylmetacresol (AMC) are also considered to be well tolerated. The strawberry taste of Strepsils, which is popular with children, makes it easier for young patients to take them. The soothing effect begins as soon as you suck, the mucous membranes are moistened and pathogens in the throat area are effectively combated. Recommendation for use
Children from 6 years of age take 1 DOBENDAN® every 2-3 hours if necessaryJunior lozenge and let it slowly dissolve in your mouth. To avoid irritation of the oral mucosa, the throat tablet should be moved around in the mouth while it is being dissolved. The daily dose should not exceed 8 lozenges. If symptoms persist or worsen for more than 3 days, please contact your doctor.


What can I do if my child has a sore throat?
To aid recovery, make sure that your child is drinking enough. Still water and warm herbal teas are particularly recommended. In addition, regular ventilation increases the moisture content of the room air, which counteracts the drying out of the mucous membranes. To prevent the body from cooling down, it should always be kept warm - especially in the neck and chest area. Sucking special throat tablets for children is also recommended to relieve sore throats. This stimulates the production of saliva and moisturizes the irritated mucous membrane.

Do DOBENDAN ® Junior lozenges have an anesthetic effect ?
No. DOBENDAN ®Junior lozenges have no local anesthetic effect. The ingredients dichlorobenzyl alcohol (DCBA) and amylmetacresol (AMC) have an antiseptic effect. They fight bacteria, fungi and certain viruses ® in the oral cavity.

Are DOBENDAN ® Junior lozenges also recommended for adolescents?
Yes, DOBENDAN ® Junior lozenges are also suitable for young people. Children from the age of twelve can alternatively use Dobendan ® Direkt lozenges for severe to very severe sore throats . Dobendan Direkt with a long-lasting effect of up to four hours are available either with a honey-lemon flavor or as a sugar-free version with an orange flavor.

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