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DIMET 20 solution 100 ml Strong against head lice

DIMET 20 solution 100 ml Strong against head lice

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DIMET 20 Strong against head lice with only 20 minutes of action time
- Fast and easy application
- 100% effectiveness1
- One bottle is sufficient for up to 4 applications, depending on the length of the hair.

Dimet 20 is the physically effective preparation for head lice infestation.

The name says it
all : In contrast to many other preparations, the exposure time is only 20 minutes!
This greatly simplifies the treatment.
The product is massaged into dry hair and works against both lice and lice eggs.

It contains Dimeticon (selected silicone oils), which envelops the head lice, penetrates the respiratory openings and suffocates them.
In addition to the silicone oil, it also contains another substance that attacks the shell of the head louse. Dimet 20 has a physical effect and is particularly gentle and very well tolerated.
The high effectiveness has been confirmed by extensive current studies.

Dimet 20 is refundable for children up to 12 years of age


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