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Dexpanthenol | SuperOptic Regeneration eye drops 10ml

Dexpanthenol | SuperOptic Regeneration eye drops 10ml

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  • SuperOptic eye drops Regeneration contains sodium hyaluronate and dexpanthenol, ingredients that specifically care for the condition of the eye. The product eliminates discomfort, moisturizing, refreshing and protecting.

sodium hyaluronate 0.2%; dexpanthenol 2%; sodium citrate dihydrate; citric acid monohydrate; highly purified water.

Contained in eye drops SuperOptic Regeneration of sodium hyaluronate is a natural substance that helps maintain optimal hydration of the eye's surface. This component evenly forms on its surface a unique protective layer that is durable and lasts for a long time, which has a positive effect on eye comfort. The other component of the drops is dexpanthenol, i.e. pro-vitamin B5. First, it strengthens the moisturizing effect of sodium hyaluronate, and secondly protects and regenerates. Drops are sterile, contain no preservatives, which affects their high tolerance and makes them can be used for a long time.

Medical device SuperOptic Regeneration eye drops recommended for use to neutralize the discomfort caused by various factors such as the influence of external factors: dry air, air conditioning, wind, pollution, cigarette smoke; long-lasting work in front of a computer monitor, driving a car for many hours; mechanical irritation: when wearing contact lenses or during eye tests. Drops are suitable for people wearing contact lenses (all types).

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. Some people may have symptoms such as burning or watery eyes, which, however, disappear after using the drops. If the discomfort persists longer, an ophthalmological consultation is recommended. The product does not contain any preservatives. One package of drops should be used by one person.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the drop. Do not use in case of eye infection.

Directions for use:
Wash hands thoroughly before each use. Before using a drop for the first time, after removing the cap, turn the bottle upside down and press it, wait for the first drop to appear. Then you can instill the preparation in the eye. It is recommended to let 1-2 drops into the conjunctival sac 3 times a day, unless the doctor recommends otherwise. After instillation, the eye should be slowly closed so that the liquid can evenly cover the entire surface of the eye. During the application, do not touch the surface of the eye with the dropper tip or any other. After instillation, you may have a short-term vision disorder that is transient.


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