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DETOX, clinoptilolite zeolite powder 24-day cure

DETOX, clinoptilolite zeolite powder 24-day cure

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DETOX clinoptilolite zeolite powder 24-day cure

pack size:180g Dosage form:powder

DETOX POWDER - 24 DAY TREATMENT, clinoptilolite zeolite

  • 100 percent natural clinoptilolite zeolite
  • Class I medical device
  • 12-day cure
  • 624 mg micronized zeolite per capsule

Detox capsules are a class I medical device and contain a natural micronized zeolite. Micronization increases the adsorption capacity of the zeolite. After ingestion with liquid, the zeolite adsorbs ammonium and heavy metal ions. These are excreted naturally.
Detox capsules significantly reduce the body's exposure to ammonium and heavy metals, especially lead, cadmium and mercury. This relieves the metabolism of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and blood.

DETOX, clinoptilolite zeolite powder 24-day cure 12-day cure to reduce ammonium and heavy metal exposure

In fact, some heavy metals are essential to life. These include, for example, copper, zinc, iron and manganese, which our organism needs in different amounts. Other heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, on the other hand, are toxic even in small amounts and can put a considerable strain on the metabolism. They can get into our bodies through drinking water, but also through animal or vegetable foods and even through the air we breathe. With a constant intake of these substances and a lack of detoxification and elimination options, the heavy metals are stored in our organs. – With detox powder you cannot get rid of all pollutants and heavy metals from the body, but you can reduce the body’s load of some pollutants.

DETOX, clinoptilolite zeolite powder 24-day cure Highly absorbent clinoptilolite zeolite


The Detox 12-Day Treatment Capsules are a Class I medical device made from 100% pure clinoptilolite zeolite. Micronized, this crystalline, microporous rock of volcanic origin increases its absorption capacity. After ingestion with liquid, the zeolite absorbs both ammonium and heavy metal ions, which can then be excreted naturally.
Outside of the medical field, clinoptilolite zeolite minerals are used in environmental protection and aquaristics to improve water quality, in animal husbandry as roughage in animal feed or to eliminate odors in cat litter. Zeolite is microporous rock of volcanic origin. It has a structure with cavities, similar to a mineral sponge. Due to the numerous pores and channels, zeolite minerals - especially in powder form - have an enormous inner surface and can even adsorb substances in molecular size.

Cadmium is contained, among other things, in:

  • cigarette smoke
  • insecticides
  • colors and
  • some foods (like instant coffee, canned food)

Among other things, lead is contained in:

  • milk and milk products
  • candles (smoke)
  • Colours
  • industrial emissions
  • cigarette smoke and
  • plant-based foods grown in polluted areas

Mercury is contained, among other things, in:

  • Tuna, oysters and mussels from polluted waters
  • Pesticides and fungicides (and therefore in grain)
  • disinfectants and
  • Dental fillings made of amalgam

Among other things, ammonium is contained in:

  • Drinking water
  • breathing air and
  • fertilizer

Areas of DETOX, clinoptilolite zeolite powder 24-day cure application:
To reduce ammonium and heavy metals that are ingested with food.


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