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Derma Plast patch burns 45mm x 65mm x 3 pieces

Derma Plast patch burns 45mm x 65mm x 3 pieces

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  • Derma Plast plaster for burns is a product that has a cooling effect and is responsible for speeding up the healing process of damaged skin. Clearly relieves their pain and prevents scarring pooparzeniowych.

Derma Plast plaster for burns Ingredients:

Derma Plast patch burns Action:
DermaPlast patch burns a unique product characterized by a cooling effect. It brings relief in case of burns. Effectively relieves their pain and stimulates the renewal of damaged skin. Slices are waterproof. Permeable to air and water vapor. Burnt protect skin from injury due to the fact that they form the hydrogel cushioning properties. Clearly reduce the likelihood of scarring. DermaPlast patch burns are available in a universal size. They adhere perfectly to the body. There are also discreet and almost imperceptible on the skin.

Slices recommended to use in case of minor burns on the skin.

used externally. Clean and dry the skin (damaged as a result of burns) stick the patch carefully. After use, it should be discarded (disposable product).


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