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DAOSIN tablets 120 pc HISTAMINE INTolerance, allergy

DAOSIN tablets 120 pc HISTAMINE INTolerance, allergy

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HISTAMINE INTolerance, allergy DAOSIN Tablets

Food intolerance is nothing new. They have always existed, but we have never eaten so many different and industrially produced foods as we do today. Most frequently, intolerance to fructose (approx. 30%), lactose (15-20%), histamine (1-3%) and gluten (approx. 1%) occur in the German population. If there is an intolerance, the body cannot properly break down a certain substance. The symptoms of food intolerance are therefore often dose-dependent. Allergy-like symptoms and / or digestive problems can occur. DAOSiN ®contains the enzyme DiAminOxidase and supports the natural breakdown of histamine from food in the intestine. It is not absorbed. One DAOSiN ® tablet is taken about 15 minutes before a meal containing histamine is consumed.

• Supplements the body's own DAO enzyme to break down histamine in the intestine
• 1 tablet contains 0.3 mg of diamine oxidase
• 1 tablet 15 minutes before a meal containing histamines

Histamine is a natural messenger substance that has various functions in the body. So histamine is involved in the immune defense. As a neurotransmitter, histamine plays a role in regulating the sleep-wake cycle or controlling appetite, among other things. Above all, however, histamine plays a central role in allergic reactions, as the messenger substance triggers inflammatory processes that lead to typical allergy symptoms.

Histamine can be produced by the body itself, but it is also ingested with food. Food that ripens for a long time or is stored for a long time has a particularly high content of histamine. Foods with a high histamine content include:

• alcohol (especially red wine),
• aged cheese,
• seafood, fish,
• air-dried or smoked meat products (eg salami or bacon),
• sauerkraut,
• various types of vegetables (eg tomatoes, spinach or aubergines),
• various types of fruit (eg strawberries, pineapples or bananas) or
• chocolate.

In particular, the combined consumption of foods with a high histamine content, such as alcohol and cheese, can contribute to increasing the histamine content in the body. Many of these foods not only contain histamine, they also cause histamine to be released from the body's own cells. Alcohol, strawberries, shellfish & Co. are therefore referred to as so-called histamine liberators.

In the case of histamine intolerance, you should avoid foods rich in histamine and support the activity of the body's own DAO enzyme to break down histamine. With just a few small tricks, the efficiency of the histamine-degrading DAO enzyme can be increased considerably. Pay attention to fresh food, for example. Because neither heating nor freezing lower the histamine content in food. Storage in the freezer usually even increases the histamine content. Also make sure that you have an adequate supply of vitamin B6. Because this vitamin is required by the body, among other things, to form the DAO enzyme. The adequate supply of vitamin B6 can be achieved either through appropriate foods or dietary supplements. The activity of the DAO enzyme can also be increased by taking in sufficient amounts of vitamin C. However, citrus fruits should be avoided as they promote the release of histamine and can therefore be counterproductive. Certain factors can inhibit the activity of the DAO enzyme. These include B. alcohol consumption, certain medications, a lack of vitamins and trace elements or a disease of the gastrointestinal tract. So try to avoid these factors.

If you take a DAOSiN ® tablet about 15 minutes before consuming a meal containing histamine , the amount of the histamine-degrading DAO enzyme in the small intestine increases - and with it the willingness to break down excess histamine. Thus, the effects of histamine intolerance on the body can be reduced.

Normally, the consumption of histamine-containing foods has no effects, as the histamine is quickly broken down by the body's own enzyme DiAminOxidase (DAO) in the intestine. The DAO enzyme processes histamine in the small intestine that is absorbed through food. In this way, histamine is broken down normally. With a diet rich in histamine, however, the enzyme may not be available in sufficient quantities, which can lead to a delayed breakdown of histamine in the intestine. If the DAO enzyme is absent or insufficiently available, the histamine cannot be sufficiently broken down. Then it enters the circulation through the intestinal mucosa and causes discomfort.

The consumption of histamine-rich foods can lead to various unspecific symptoms in the case of insufficient histamine breakdown. Symptoms that occur are similar to an allergy, e.g. B. sneezing, a runny or blocked nose, breathing difficulties, asthma, itching, rash, and puffy and watery eyes. Digestive problems can also occur, e.g. B. diarrhea, abdominal pain / cramps, gas or heartburn, but also nausea and vomiting. Headaches, migraines, and dizziness are also possible. In addition, some sufferers report palpitations and high blood pressure. DAOSiN ®

DEGRADATIONsupplements the missing endogenous DAO enzyme for breaking down histamine. As a result, histamine from foods can be broken down in the digestive tract. Because by consuming the DAOSiN ® tablets before eating, the amount of DAO in the small intestine can be increased. This increases the ability to break down histamine in the intestine. The DiAminOxidase (DAO) contained in DAOSiN ® supplements the body's own DAO and helps protect against an excess of histamine from food in the intestine. The DiAminOxidase contained in DAOSiN ® is not absorbed - i.e. not absorbed via the digestive tract into the blood or lymphatic system, but remains in the intestine and is excreted with the faeces.


Which active ingredients are in DAOSiN® included?
1 DAOSiN ® tabletcontains: 4.2 mg histamine-free protein extract with 0.3 mg natural diamine oxidase.

How often can DAOSiN ® be taken per day ?
Take DAOSiN ® absolutely - ideally approx. 15 minutes - before a meal with some water. When the histamine-containing foods reach the intestines, the tablet should already be dissolved and the DAO contained in it should be active. The maximum daily dose is 3 tablets. This corresponds to 3 meals a day containing histamine.

What should be considered when taking DAOSiN ® ?
The tablet should not be chewed before swallowing, but swallowed whole so that the contents pass through the stomach to the intestines undamaged.

If you take medication regularly, ask your doctor or pharmacist whether one of the active ingredients contained in the medication can lead to a reduced breakdown of histamine in food.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Dietary supplements DAOSIN HISTAMINE INTolerance, allergy are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Food supplements DAOSIN HISTAMINE INTolerance, allergy. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!


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