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Curcumin, turmeric curcumin Humavit, curcumin benefits

Curcumin, turmeric curcumin Humavit, curcumin benefits

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Curcumin, turmeric curcumin Humavit 60 capsules, curcumin benefits

The Humawit brand curcumin dietary supplement contains natural turmeric root extract. The preparation is recommended for all people who want to supplement their daily diet with the above substances.

Curcumin, turmeric curcumin Humavit, curcumin benefits Indications

Humavit Curcumin is a dietary supplement intended for daily use to support the functioning of the body, especially the nervous system, and to maintain mental and mental balance.

The product is intended for adults.

Curcumin, turmeric curcumin Humavit, curcumin benefits Operation

of Humavit Curcumin is a preparation that owes its action to the active ingredient - curcumin - obtained from turmeric root (turmeric) in the form of a standardized extract.

Turmeric is important for the human body because:

supports the maintenance of nervous and mental balance and the work of the nervous system;

Curcumin, turmeric curcumin Humavit shows significant antioxidant properties; curcumin benefits:

helps maintain the effectiveness of the immune system;

supports blood production and maintaining its proper composition;

supports the work of the heart and circulatory system;

helps maintain the health of the lungs and upper respiratory tract; health of the liver, skin, good condition of muscles and joints,

limits the accumulation of fats in the liver and facilitates their removal;

facilitates digestion (especially of fats);

stimulates the appetite.

Recommended daily intake

: 1 time a day, 2 capsules before a meal, washed down with water.


carrier: acacia gum; turmeric root extract (40% curcuminoids); glazing agent: gelatin; anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.


25 ° C


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