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CONISAN N eye drops 20X0.5 ml

CONISAN N eye drops 20X0.5 ml

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CONISAN N ® eye drops

CONISAN N eye drops are suitable

• for sensitive eyes
• for all ages
• for wearers of contact lenses (hard and soft)
• also for long-term use
• to prevent dehydration or irritation during heavy exposure (screen work, allergy)
• for traveling
• without preservatives
• Naturally organic active ingredient

CONISAN N eye drops. The solution for dry and irritated eyes

Tired, irritated, watery eyes: Millions of people in Germany suffer from dry or irritated eyes. CONISAN N eye drops (NEW, prescription-free in the pharmacy) with the special vitOrgan complex AT provide a quick remedy: It immediately builds up a protective film and moisturizes the eye sustainably.

The eyes are a mirror of the soul and a gateway to the world. They show us an exact picture of the environment, colored and sharp - if they are healthy. Our quality of life depends crucially on good eyesight: we take in 90 percent of all impressions and information with the most important sensory organ. The eyes are constantly in use during the day and often have to strain. In addition, there are external stresses to which the eye is often exposed.


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