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CLOVE OIL 10ml, rheumatism, pain, infection and indigestion

CLOVE OIL 10ml, rheumatism, pain, infection and indigestion

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  • CLOVE OIL (rheumatism, pain, infection and indigestion) is a preparation that has disinfectant and alleviate properties. Stimulates and brightens the mind. It also acts as an insect repellent.

Composition: The
package contains 10 ml of clove oil

The preparation is characterized by a broad spectrum of action. First of all, it exhibits disinfecting and attenuating properties. It positively affects the well-being of people with katar. In addition, it stimulates and brightens the state of mind and deters insects, preventing bites.

Use in case of rheumatism, pain, infection and indigestion.

Use externally. Add 10-15 drops to the bath for 3/4 of the bath. As part of the massage 3-5 drops of essential oil mix with a tablespoon of olive oil.


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