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CLOTRIMAZOLE (cream, tablet) acis 3 combination pack

CLOTRIMAZOLE (cream, tablet) acis 3 combination pack

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CLOTRIMAZOLE  (cream, tablet) acis 3 combination pack

pack size:1 pc Dosage form:combination pack

Clotrimazole acis ® 3 combination pack
Gentle and reliable for vaginal thrush

The active ingredient clotrimazole is also used for the special treatment of fungal infections of the vagina. Clotrimazole inhibits the growth and reproduction of fungal cells such as yeast and a number of other fungi and some bacteria.
Clotrimazole acis ® 3 Kombi is indicated for infectious discharge caused by yeast fungi; Inflammation of the vagina and labia caused by fungi - mostly yeast fungi of the genus Candida - as well as superimposed infections (superinfections) with bacteria sensitive to clotrimazole.


CLOTRIMAZOLE (cream, tablet) acis 3 combination pack:

• Proven 3-day combination therapy for vaginal thrush
• Relieves itching and burning
• The vaginal tablet forms a fine foam that distributes the active ingredient evenly in the genital area
• Cream for use in the external genital area
• Also during pregnancy

CLOTRIMAZOLE (cream, tablet) acis 3 combination pack. How should Clotrimazole acis ® 3 Kombi be used?

Vaginal tablets:
Vaginal use.
Insert a vaginal tablet as deeply as possible into the vagina once a day - in the evening - for 3 consecutive days. This is best done lying on your back with your legs slightly bent.

Use on the skin.
In the case of infections of the labia (candida vulvitis) and adjacent areas, you should apply the cream thinly to the relevant areas of the skin (outer genitals up to the anus) and rub in 2 - 3 times a day.

Application with applicator
The applicator plunger is pulled out as far as it will go; then the vaginal tablet is removed from the aluminum packaging and placed in the applicator's moulding. Lie on your back and then carefully insert the applicator as deep as possible into the vagina. By pressing the plunger of the applicator, the previously inserted vaginal tablet is released and remains in the vagina. The applicator can now be removed. Remain relaxed for another 10 to 15 minutes so that the active ingredient in Clotrimazole acis 3 Kombi can be distributed well in the vagina. The applicator is intended for repeated use; it must therefore be thoroughly cleaned under running, warm (not boiling) water after each use. To do this, the piston is pulled out of the applicator beyond the stop and both parts are cleaned separately. Then they are dried with a clean cloth and reassembled as before.

CLOTRIMAZOLE (cream, tablet) acis 3 combination pack. Application without applicator
The vaginal tablet is carefully inserted as deeply as possible into the vagina with a clean finger.


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