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Clinical thermometer Ear Comfort 4

Clinical thermometer Ear Comfort 4

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APONORM clinical thermometer Ear Comfort 4

aponorm clinical thermometer Ear Comfort 4

The aponorm ear thermometer of the latest generation combines a lightning measurement (in 1 second) with practical additional functions that make the application easier and safer than ever:

  •  ACCUsens ear positioning aid: The measurement is only possible when the correct position in the ear is detected. This prevents measurement errors caused by incorrect positioning in and on the ear.
  • Illuminated measuring tip: The LED light on the measuring sensor helps you when taking measurements at night, eg when a child is sleeping.
  • No Protective Cover Required: The thermometer is environmentally friendly and cost-effective as no disposable protective covers are required to measure temperature.
  • Clean me cleaning notice: After use, a cleaning notice appears on the display and reminds you to clean the measuring tip as a precaution.
  • Extended 3 in 1 measuring range: In addition to body temperature, you can also use the device to determine surface and ambient temperatures from 0-100°C.
  • Mute function: The signal tone, which acoustically indicates the successful end of the measurement, can be switched off if desired, e.g. B. not to disturb your child's sleep during measurements at night.
  • Silent Glow technology with fever alarm: The color display gives you direct information about the measured temperature: normal up to 37.4 °C (green), increased temperature from 37.5 °C (red). In the case of an increased temperature/fever, an acoustic signal also sounds.
  • Measuring accuracy in the range of +/- 0.2 °C (clinically tested)
  • Measurement result in 1 second
  • Measured value memory for 30 measurements (memory can be erased)
  • automatic shutdown function


Scope of delivery Clinical thermometer Ear Comfort 4:


  • Comfort 4 ear thermometer in folding box including protective cap (to protect the measuring sensor during storage)
  • storage pouch
  • Instructions for use 
  • replaceable battery (button cell CR2032)


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