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CLEAREARS water removing earplugs

CLEAREARS water removing earplugs

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CLEAREARS water removing earplugs

ClearEars® earplugs

Consists of a special foam that gently absorbs and seals in the water in the ears. The soft plugs adapt to each ear individually. Dry the ear canal and eliminate water-borne hearing loss.

pack size: 10 pcs

CLEAREARS® - Dries sensitive ears

Targeted help against water in the ear

  • Made of innovative special foam
  • Dries the ear canal quickly and safely
  • Helps prevent ear infections
  • Available in every pharmacy

After swimming, bathing or diving, many have a problem: water in the ear that simply cannot be removed. Shaking your head or hopping on one leg often doesn't help, hot air from a hair dryer or cotton swabs do more harm than good.

But the moisture in the ear is not only annoying, it can also have painful consequences. Because bacteria multiply rapidly in the moist, warm ear canal and can cause inflammation of the ear canal, especially in sensitive ears. Doctors therefore also speak of “bathing otitis”. In the worst case, the inflammation spreads to the middle ear and must then be treated with antibiotics. But it doesn't have to come to that!

CLEAREARS® are the world's first earplugs that quickly and easily remove water from the ear canal. They consist of a soft special foam that absorbs water in the ear within a few minutes, significantly reducing the risk of bacterial infection.

The flexible material adapts perfectly to every ear canal and is therefore suitable for all age groups.

Earplugs for water removal.

* CLEAREARS® are used AFTER swimming/bathing etc.
* Briefly roll the earplugs between clean fingers, forming a narrow tip * Immediately insert the compressed earplug
into the ear canal. When inserting, pull the earlobe slightly outwards and/or downwards to widen the ear canal.
* After inserting, hold briefly until the plug expands and sits comfortably in the ear.
* After about 5-10 minutes, gently pull CLEAREARS® out of the ear and dispose of it.
* Children should be supervised when using.

Net quantity:
10 pieces

Manufacturer data:
Kyberg Medical GmbH
Keltenring 8
82041 Oberhaching


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