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CHROMIUM TABLETS Pharma Nord Bio-Chromium N30 - chromium tablets

CHROMIUM TABLETS Pharma Nord Bio-Chromium N30 - chromium tablets

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CHROMIUM TABLETS. Pharma Nord Bio-Chromium N30 Fast delivery UK STOCK. Chromium tablets
Chromium tablets Description: Chromium is an essential trace element. Chromium tablets functions in an organic complex called ‘Glucose Tolerance Factor’ (GTF). GTF is responsible for chromium’s many beneficial effects.
Chromium depletion has been implicated in high blood cholesterol levels and in poor glucose tolerance. When considering blood sugar levels, chromium works together with the hormone insulin to regulate the levels.
Chromium tablets supplements have been used to treat a variety of disorders. Its primary use is in helping to maintain blood sugar levels in individuals tending towards diabetes. Chromium has also been shown to help lower cholesterol levels and increase lean muscle mass for people wishing to lose weight.
Chromium tablets Dosage:
Taking one tablet of Bio-Chromium (equivalent to 50 µg chromium) per day is recommended for general well-being and two tablets (equivalent to 100 µg) per day have been shown to give a therapeutic benefit.
Chromium tablets Ingredients:Bio-Chromium contains 50 µg of organic chromium which is 25 times more bioavailable (absorbed) than inorganic chromium. Other forms may not be as bio-available or as safe.
There are many scientific papers that show the beneficial effects of chromium preparations, particularly in reducing body fat and regulating blood glucose levels.
There are no known drug interactions or contra-indications with other forms of medicament for chromium. Insulin dependent diabetics should only take chromium under medical supervision. This is because chromium may reduce the body’s need for insulin.
The only full EU approved Chromium supplement. Unequalled in quality, safety and documentation.
Pharma Nord's Bio-Chromium contributes to the mainenance of normal blood glucose levels. Its ChromoPrecise organic chromium yeast is up to ten times better absorbed than chromium chloride and chromium picolinate forms, which are used in most other supplements. Reduce cravings for snacks between meals.
Chromium tablets is a trace mineral essential for growth and normal metabolism and is a key factor in the processing of sugars and fats within the body. Chromium tablets is an important component of the Glucose Tolerance Factor, which together with insulin regulates carbohydrate metabolism and glucose balance. Chromium plays an important role in the natural weight regulating mechanism of the body. Bio Chromium supplement contains chromium in a highly absorbable organic form, most readily utilised within the body.


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