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Chlorophyll drops 30ml Natur Planet

Chlorophyll drops 30ml Natur Planet

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Chlorophyll is a precious dye that gives plants a green color. Dietary supplement in drops Planet Natur Chlorophyll is intended for adults as a supplement to the daily diet with a substance that supports the maintenance of the body in health.

Ingredients of Natur Planet Chlorophyll drops:

Water (filler), chlorophyll (obtained from Black Mulberry - Morus nigra L.) (active substance). Information on allergens: in the production plant, sesame, almonds, SO2 sulfur dioxide products, peanuts and other nuts are packed.

The content of ingredients in 10 drops / in 30 drops: chlorophyll - 0.015g / 0.045g.

The effects of Natur Planet Chlorophyll drops:

Dietary supplement Planet Planet Chlorophyll is recommended as a supplement to the daily diet with a substance that has unique properties. Chlorophyll is credited with supporting the body's good condition. The preparation is convenient for dispensing in the form of drops.

Dietary supplement Natur Planet Chlorophyll drops intended for use as a supplement to the daily diet with chlorophyll. The product is recommended for adults.

Additional information:
Dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute, i.e. a replacement for a varied diet. Maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is important. The product should be stored out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. Country of origin: China. The package contains 90 recommended daily servings. The possibility of using the preparation in pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the dietary supplement.

How to use the drops Planet Natur Chlorophyll:

Recommended daily dose: 30 drops. It is recommended to use three daily 10 drops. Take 10 drops, dissolve in 1/2 cup of juice or water, drink. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Net volume: 30ml.


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