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Child development, NUK suction trainer size 4 L

Child development, NUK suction trainer size 4 L

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Child development, NUK suction trainer size 4 L 1 pc

✓ medical product for suction training
✓ made using natural rubber latex
✓ particularly long suction neck
✓ larger anatomical mouth shield for school children and adults

Child development, NUK suction trainer: For the development of the child

Babies and pacifiers is a science in itself. Some like them, others don't. Sucking has a far greater and more important meaning in the development of the child. Unlike conventional pacifiers, the NUK suction trainer is a medical product. The special shape makes it a training device for the child. In this way, the weakness in sucking can be overcome and any problems with breastfeeding can be reduced. But sucking on the pacifier has much more meaning. Malfunctions in the oral motor function can be corrected with the help of the NUK suction trainer. Chewing, swallowing, speaking, mouth breathing and mimic gestures can be encouraged. This has a significant impact on your child's development.


Child development. Training for the mouth

The NUK suction trainer is a welcome aid for treating oral motor dysfunction. Stubborn habits such as teeth grinding, teeth and tongue clenching in connection with pain and cracking in the jaw can be treated with it. But the NUK suction trainer is also suitable for logopedic use of breathing, voice and speech therapy. The suction trainer can be used as an instrument in the Padovan logopedic treatment concept to successfully compensate for general developmental delays such as language, speech, voice and swallowing disorders. 


Child development. NUK suction trainer at a glance

  • Medical device for logopedic and physiotherapeutic treatment
  • against stubborn habits such as teeth grinding, teeth clenching and tongue clenching
  • to overcome sucking weakness in children
  • compensate for malfunctions in oral motor skills
  • to support general developmental delays

NUK MedicPro speech therapy soother suction trainer size L for adults

Child development. Unlike conventional soothers, the NUK suction trainer is a medical product.

As a therapeutic instrument, it makes an important contribution to overcoming weak sucking and normalizing malfunctions in the oral motor system.
- Eg: with mouth breathing, disorders of sucking, chewing, swallowing, speaking and mimic gestures
- particularly long teat neck to take anatomical needs into account
- extra large sucking part for optimal adjustment in the oral cavity
- large anatomical mouth shield especially for school children


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