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CEBION 0.1 g / 1 ml drops 30ml oral drops contain vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for babies

CEBION 0.1 g / 1 ml drops 30ml oral drops contain vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for babies

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  • Cebion oral drops contain vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Central recommended deficiency of vitamin C, which provides, inter alia, sealing of blood vessels and promotes immune processes.

1 ml (approx. 20 drops) contains 100 mg of ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Action: Vitamin C increases iron absorption, inhibit the aging process - is an antioxidant, is irreplaceable in the process of regeneration of the body during weakening and colds - supports immune processes. She participates in the prevention of diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin C - mainly scurvy and its initial symptoms and Moeller-Barlow disease. Vitamin C is also involved in the synthesis of collagen, and at the same time maintain good condition of connective tissue and bone. The ingress of blood vessels. It is recommended, especially symptoms of deficiency manifesting: vascular fragility, bleeding, delayed wound healing, inflammation of the gums, the changes in the structure of bones and teeth. Vitamin C is also administered prophylactically to babies fed artificially.

Usage: Infants given 5-8 drops per day (25-40 mg of vitamin C); young children - 10 drops per day (50 mg of vitamin C). Therapeutic - The above dosages should be applied two times a day.Take neat or in diluted form, eg. added to milk, juice or slurry.


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