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CATIONORM SD are single-dose pipettes 30X0.4 ml

CATIONORM SD are single-dose pipettes 30X0.4 ml

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CATIONORM SD Active ingredients
paraffin, viscous

CATIONORM® - the unique cationic emulsion

CATIONORM® is such a three-phase preparation and is based on the innovative Novasorb® emulsion technology.

CATIONORM® is a cationic oil-in-water emulsion, ie it is an aqueous solution that contains many small, positively charged droplets with an oily core. Due to the electrostatic attraction between the positively charged droplets and the negatively charged surface of the eye, CATIONORM® is optimally distributed over the cornea and conjunctiva. It is distributed evenly on the surface of the eye immediately after the drop, thus providing quick and long-lasting relief from symptoms of dry eyes.

CATIONORM® supports all three layers of the tear film

Due to its unique composition, CATIONORM® supports all three layers of the tear film and thus provides long-lasting relief from the symptoms of dry eyes. Lipid

CATIONORM® supplements the lipid layer and thus contributes to the stability and less evaporation of the tear film.

Aqueous layer:
CATIONORM® contributes to the supply of moisture to the surface of the eye and ensures permanent moisture.

Mucin layer:
CATIONORM® is distributed quickly and evenly on the surface of the eye due to its electrostatic attraction, reduces friction on the surface of the eye and wets and protects the cornea and conjunctiva.

CATIONORM® - the advantages at a glance

Rapid and optimal distribution

Good wetting and long-lasting moistening

Stabilization of the tear film Extends the time it remains

on the eye

Reduced application

frequency Rapid and lasting relief of the symptoms of dry eyes

Excellent tolerance and high ease of use

Clear view immediately after the dropping,

unpreserved in the dropper bottle and in practical single doses compatible with

contact lenses.

Net quantity:
10 ml eye drops

The eye drops are stable for 3 months after opening .

Use on the eye:
The recommended dose is 1 drop in each eye 1-4 times a day

Keep the bottle in the outer carton. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if the bottle is damaged.


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