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Bone strengthening OMEGA ARTRE x 60 capsules

Bone strengthening OMEGA ARTRE x 60 capsules

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  • Bone strengthening OMEGA ARTRE is a dietary supplement that has a beneficial effect on mobility, thanks to the fact that it reduces the number of inflammations, makes the joints more flexible and strengthens the bones.

(4 capsules) 2800 mg fish oil, including EPA 840 mg, DHA 560 mg, other omega-3 140 mg, borage oil 2000 mg, including: GLA 440 mg, vitamin D3 5 mcg, selenium 50 mcg , vitamin E 10 mg and gelatin (the capsule ingredient).

The preparation Bone strengthening belongs to a wide category of complex dietary supplements, which are characterized by a composition of natural origin. Positively affects mobility. First of all, it limits the number of inflammations, makes the body elastic, stimulates the body's natural defenses and strengthens bone and joint structures.

Use to increase mobility and joint mobility. Especially recommended for elderly people and sportsmen. Also indicated with weakened immune system.

For adults, take 2 capsules orally while eating for at least 12 weeks.


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