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Black bile, Weak kidneys, VERMOTHER WINE

Black bile, Weak kidneys, VERMOTHER WINE

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VERMOTHER WINE, Black bile, Weak kidneys

500ml  | solution

Aromatic wine preparation according to Hildegard von Bingen's recipe.

approx. 10% alcohol by volume ,
slightly bitter


Black bile, Weak kidneys, VERMOTHER WINE:


Aurica wormwood drink, also known as Maitrunk, wormwood elixir or spring drink, is made from white wine, honey and fresh wormwood juice according to a traditional recipe. Hildegard von Bingen describes wormwood as "the most important master against all exhaustions". As a spring cure, she recommends wormwood for stomach and intestinal disorders, among other things. Due to its ingredients such as essential oil and bitter substances, wormwood is also approved as a medicinal herbal tea for indigestion, bloating and flatulence.

Hildegard von Bingen wrote:
" eliminates kidney weakness (lank addiction) and melanche (black bile) in you and clears your eyes and strengthens your heart and does not allow your lungs to become ill, It warms the stomach (intestines) and cleanses the bowels and prepares a good digestion.” (Dr. Hertzka / Dr. Strehlow: Große Hildegard-Apotheke, Bauer Verlag 1989, p. 468)

Black bile, Weak kidneys, VERMOTHER WINE Ingredients:


Dry white wine (controlled organic cultivation), honey, fresh wormwood juice (5%). Contains approx. 10% alcohol by volume (contains sulphites).

Consumption Black bile, Weak kidneys, VERMOTHER WINE recommendation: According to the traditional teachings of Hildegard von Bingen, one drinks a liqueur glass on an empty stomach every other day. If required, a liqueur glass of vermouth can also be drunk daily.


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