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BITTERKRAFT Original liquid Signature Edi.m.Wermouth

BITTERKRAFT Original liquid Signature Edi.m.Wermouth

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BITTERKRAFT Original liquid Signature Edi.m.Vermouth 200 ml

pack size:200ml Dosage form:liquid

bitter power! ® Original Signature Edition with wormwood
liquid for ingestion

Carefully balanced bitter herbs in accordance with the recipes of Hildegard von Bingen. Refined with wormwood. Recommended intake: Let 10-15 drops melt in your mouth before eating

Pure or diluted with water.

The indicated recommended consumption quantity must not be exceeded.

Keep out of the reach of children.
Store away from light, cool and dry.

From the flower to the root
Bitter substances have been forgotten more and more over the centuries, they were even largely bred out of our common types of vegetables and fruit. And all this so that it tastes better for us, although the effectiveness and health properties are being lost more and more through breeding.
With our work we ensure that the need for bitter substances is recognized again.
We want people to be happy about the bitter taste in everyday life and that bitter substances are tried and tested companions in every household.
Why should you change anything about perfection? Bitters are trusted everyday favorites.

Traditional healing knowledge
Bitter substances are traditionally used for stomach problems, a feeling of fullness or bloating. Regular use can also reduce cravings for sweets.
For Hildegard von Bingen, wormwood is one of the most important plants. She describes its versatility as follows: “The wormwood cure warms the stomach, cleanses the intestines and promotes good digestion. The wormwood elixir eliminates melancholy and prevents the lungs from getting sick."

With its unique recipe of selected herbs, spices, roots and blossoms, BitterKraft! ® createsOriginal Signature with vermouth exceptional moments of pleasure. Therefore, before meals, drink 10-15 drops pure or diluted with juice/water. In the case of acute stomach problems, it is advisable to consume the herbal bitters pure.

Please shake!
Hildegard's knowledge of herbs includes, in particular, that finely bitter herbs have special properties. And BitterKraft! ® Original Signature with vermouth is something special. The exquisite plants are cold-set for weeks. They are not clear filtered, ie BitterKraft! ® Original Signature with wormwood tastes like pure nature. Therefore, the herbal bitter should be shaken well before use so that the ingredients are evenly distributed again.


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