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BIOCHEMISTRY 7 Magnesium phosphoricum, restore nerve damage

BIOCHEMISTRY 7 Magnesium phosphoricum, restore nerve damage

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Biochemistry 7 Magnesium Phosphoricum D 6,  restore nerve damage tablets

pack size:200 pcs Dosage form:tablets

magnesium phosphoricum uses:

Magnesium Phosphorica is a mineral supplement to restore energy and promote the regeneration of the body's nerves and muscles. It helps with the recovery of any nerve injury or nerve damage. Key Benefits: Helps relieve dysentery with cramp-like pains and flatulent colic.

Discover the 12 mineral salts according to Dr. Schuessler and its natural application for a healthy life.
Because many diseases are based on disturbances in the mineral balance of the cells.
The Schuessler salts, also called biochemical functional agents, are also marked with numbers (No.1-No.12) and they are available in the potencies D3, D6 and D12.

BIOCHEMISTRY 7 Magnesium phosphoricum D 6, restore nerve damage Indication
Registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no indication of a therapeutic indication.
Note: If symptoms of illness persist while using the drug, seek medical advice.

BIOCHEMISTRY 7  restore nerve damage Magnesium phosphoricum D 6 Dosage
Unless otherwise prescribed: take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day.
Homeopathic medicines should not be taken for long periods of time without medical advice.

BIOCHEMISTRY 7 Magnesium phosphoricum D 6,  restore nerve damage Ingredients
1 tablet contains: Active ingredient: Magnesium phosphoricum Trit. D6 100mg.
Excipients: magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium.
Contains lactose.



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