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BEURER Mirror with LED backlight BS 49, makeup mirror with lights

BEURER Mirror with LED backlight BS 49, makeup mirror with lights

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  • Makeup mirror with lights. Mirror with LED backlight Beurer BS 49 is the perfect gadget for every woman. The bright LED light will make it easier to perform everyday makeup, it means the end of the primer or unevenly imposed bronzer!

Batteries 1.5V AAA: 3 pieces.

Illuminated cosmetic mirror useful for every woman, this is not a fad! Although there are women who impose makeup on the run, most of them will want to see how the individual applying cosmetics. For them will be a great option Mirror marki Beurer BS 49 with LED backlight. A soft, bright light emitted by the LEDs 12 can detect any irregularities, also makes it easier to clean and maintain, for example. Applying or peeling masks. However, during such. Adjustment eyebrows useful option is five times magnification, because we have two rotating mirrors - normal and magnifying. Apart from the purely practical application, the product because of its beautiful appearance (white and chrome surfaces, matte base) can be used as a decorative feature. The mirror is covered by a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Power supply: battery; Average surface area: 11cm; 12 LEDs. Warranty: 3 years.


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