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BETTERYOU vitamin B complex forte direct spray

BETTERYOU vitamin B complex forte direct spray

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BETTERYOU vitamin B complex forte direct spray 25 ml

BetterYou vitamin B complex forte direct spray with natural apricot flavor Dietary

Fast and effective - for absorption through the oral mucosa. Combination of all 8 B vitamins with high bioavailability. For energy, concentration and the immune system.


BETTERYOU vitamin B complex forte direct spray:

• For energy, concentration and immune system
• All 8 B vitamins in high bioavailability
• Absorption directly through the oral mucosa
• Natural peach, plum, raspberry flavor
• For children from 3 years
• Range 2 months - vegan
• Spray bottle made of plant-based plastic

Vitamin B complex forte direct spray with natural fruit flavor. Easy to spray on the oral mucosa. Thanks to microfine spray drops, all 8 B vitamins are directly available to the body in a highly bioavailable form. They are quickly and reliably absorbed into the bloodstream via the fine, permeable oral mucosa without a detour through the digestive system. Combined, vitamins B1, B2, biotin and niacin support normal energy metabolism. B5 supports normal mental performance. Folic acid, B6 and B12 contribute to normal mental function and to reducing tiredness and exhaustion.

What are the advantages of direct absorption via the oral mucosa?
Direct absorption of the ingredients by spraying into the mouth is convenient, effective and reliable. BetterYou instant sprays taste great, fit in any bag and are convenient to use anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, the direct absorption of nutrients through the oral mucosa is effective and reliable. Because even in healthy people, the absorption of ingredients from tablets or capsules can be influenced by the digestive process and the food content. Accordingly, an even intake (absorption) of the ingredients is not always guaranteed.

Not only "practical, fast and effective", but also a real problem solver
Many people suffer from what is known as malabsorption, ie the nutrients supplied can only be absorbed by the body to a reduced extent. The main triggers are diseases in the gastrointestinal tract, but increasing age also leads to limitations in the complex nutrient utilization processes. Direct absorption of the nutrients through the oral mucosa is also a great relief for many people who can only swallow to a limited extent due to disability, illness or old age.

Recommended BETTERYOU vitamin B complex forte direct spray dosage :

2 sprays per day. It can be taken at any time of the day and independent of meals. Once opened use within 6 months.

Instructions for use:
First use: Press the spray head approx. 3 times until the first spray comes out. Shake well before each use. Spray gently into the mouth, ideally on the inside of the cheeks, where absorption of nutrients is most effective. Then leave it on for a few seconds. Close the lid again after use.

The BetterYou ®
BetterYou ® brandis the first company in the world to develop modern technology for absorbing vitamins, minerals and plant substances directly through the oral mucosa. As a pioneer in this field, BetterYou works with some of the best research institutions in the world, which have proven the effectiveness and reliability of absorbing nutrients directly through the oral mucosa in various studies.

It creates a spray of perfectly balanced micro-sized droplets, ideally sprayed on the inside of the cheeks where nutrient uptake is most efficient. The tiny droplets are quickly absorbed into the underlying bloodstream through the fine, permeable oral mucosa, thus ensuring effective and reliable nutrient absorption while bypassing the digestive system.

The Better Planet Project
The Better Planet project is an environmental project that encompasses all aspects of BetterYou's environmental footprint, including suppliers, producers and other partners involved in the process. This includes avoiding the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals on our partner farms, ensuring environmentally friendly transport and using sustainable packaging materials.

BetterYou is one of the first companies in the world to use 100% recycled plastic from the world's oceans and household waste as raw material for the production of packaging material.

Another contribution to a more sustainable future is the effort to use plant-based plastic made from sugar cane for some of the products. The production process for this plastic is characterized by negative CO2 emissions, which means that more CO2 is removed from the atmosphere during the growth phase of the sugar cane than is released during production and distribution. To close the loop, the material is 100% recyclable.

In addition, all raw materials used in the production of BetterYou cardboard packaging and labels are sourced from UK forest sources that are 100% sustainable.

BETTERYOU vitamin B complex forte direct spray supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.



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