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BETADINE BV Vaginal Gel 1%, treatment for bacterial vaginosis

BETADINE BV Vaginal Gel 1%, treatment for bacterial vaginosis

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Treatment for bacterial vaginosis, BETADINE BV Vaginal Gel 1%

pack size:40g Dosage form:vaginal gel

BETADINE BV  Vaginal Gel,  treatment for bacterial vaginosis

For the treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis

BETADINE BV Vaginal Gel 1%, treatment for bacterial vaginosis Application: 



  • One full applicator (5 g) once a day for a period of 7 days


  • one full applicator (5g) every 2 days for 16 weeks

BETADINE BV™ Vaginal Gel - Antibiotic-free treatment for BV

  • Short duration of use: 1x daily for 7 days 1
  • Fast symptom relief, odor within 24h 2
  • Suitable for long-term use 1
  • Restores the natural vaginal environment and thus reduces the risk of developing bacterial vaginosis again 1
  • Efficacy clinically proven 1

Rapid symptom relief
Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common microbiological disorder of the vaginal environment. Unpleasant symptoms such as thin, gray discharge and an unusual smell are the result and ensure that those affected no longer feel comfortable in their own skin. BETADINE BVTM Vaginal Gel quickly relieves the symptoms, effectively combats the cause and, with long-term use, can prevent the disease from recurring.

Antibiotic-free treatment
BETADINE BVTM vaginal gel has a unique mechanism of action: A clear, gel-like polymer film prevents harmful bacteria from adhering to the vaginal mucosa and thus specifically combats the cause of bacterial vaginosis. Treatment is once a day for 7 days. Due to the local and purely physical effect, BETADINE BVTM vaginal gel is well tolerated even over a longer period of time.

Clinically tested 1
The effectiveness of BETADINE BVTM vaginal gel has been tested in clinical studies and thus offers a well-tolerated alternative to antibiotics.

1. BETADINE BVTM vaginal gel instructions for use, as of January 2020.
2. National Library of Medicine (US).|2019. July 9. A Phase 3 Study of SPL7013 Gel (VivaGel) for the Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis.

accessed: July 2019.
BETADINE BVTM vaginal gel is a medical device.


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