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BETA ALANINE 850 capsules, beta-alanine, beta alanine benefits

BETA ALANINE 850 capsules, beta-alanine, beta alanine benefits

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BETA ALANINE 850 capsules, beta-alanine, beta alanine benefits

pack size:300 pcs Dosage form:capsules

available in 5-14 working days.

beta alanine benefits:

Beta-alanine enhances performance by increasing exercise capacity and decreasing muscle fatigue. It also has antioxidant, immune-enhancing and anti-aging properties. You can get beta-alanine from foods that contain carnosine or through supplements. The recommended dose is 2–5 grams daily.

It is important to note that beta-alanine is best taken daily regardless of training schedule. Because beta-alanine works by increasing muscle concentrations of carnosine, it does not need to be taken around a training session to produce results.

Beta-alanine supplementation currently appears to be safe in healthy populations at recommended doses. The only reported side effect is paraesthesia (i.e., tingling) but studies indicate this can be attenuated by using divided lower doses (1.6 g) or using a sustained-release formula.

Does beta-alanine help build muscle?

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that helps increase your muscle's carnosine stores, which can reduce fatigue during intense exercise. Research shows beta-alanine can improve both weightlifting and endurance performance and increase muscle growth, although it's most effective for exercise lasting one to four minutes.

Just remember that creatine helps with short, intense bursts of power, while beta alanine stops lactic acid from getting into your muscles and fatiguing you during longer, more endurance type workouts.

Using Beta-Alanine To Enhance The Feeling Of "Pump" For Athletes. Many athletes experience intense vasodilation/pumps from beta-alanine if they take more than 1000 mg at a time. While this may feel good for some, it usually causes most people to stop their reps or sets short because of this "pump" feeling.

Beta-alanine is a building block of carnosine, which has been linked to improved brain health, heart health, muscle function, systemic protection, and bone health. It is even hailed for its healthy aging benefits and ability to improve the body's immune response.

Beta-alanine is a popular amino acid supplement used to enhance exercise and athletic performance. It improves heart fitness and reduces muscle fatigue and acid build-up.

BETA ALANIN 850 | High Dose | 5,100 mg per Serving | Carnosine Booster | 100% Pure Beta Alanine | No Magnesium Stearate & Titanium Dioxide | Laboratory Tested | 300 Capsules | German Made

  • ✔ Number 1 – Our Beta Alanine capsules contain 5,100 mg of pure, microcrystalline beta alanine per serving in the form of easily swallowable capsules
  • ✔ Maximum effect – Our beta-alanine is ideal as a pre-workout supplement to take before training. Beta Alanine is one of the most popular dietary supplements in competitive sports
  • ✔ Proven quality – the body needs beta alanine to synthesise L-carnosine. Athletes who struggle with hyperacidity of their muscles during stress, use Beta Alanine specifically
  • ✔ Risk-free – Our capsules are free from magnesium stearate and titanium dioxide (artificial dye) and guarantee best compatibility in strictly tested pharmaceutical quality
  • ✔ German production – Since 1993, Powerstar Food has been producing dietary supplements based on the highest quality raw materials in pharmacopoeia and pharmaceutical quality. Our in-house seals identify the quality standards


BETA ALANINE 850 capsules, beta-alanine, beta alanine benefits Ingredients:



Beta-Alanine 85%, Gelatin (Capsule Shell), Vitamin B6, Rice Starch.


BETA ALANINE 850 capsules, beta-alanine, beta alanine benefits Directions:


Suggested use: take 5-6 capsules throughout the day on non-training days. On the training days, take the capsules in one serving 30 minutes before training with liquid.


Product BETA ALANINE 850 capsules, beta-alanine, beta alanine benefits description


Description: Powerstarfood Beta Alanine are capsules with 850 mg beta-alanine in the purest, crystalline form. Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid and the starting amino acid for L-carnosine. Beta-alanine is now similar to creatine and component in nutrient management among strength and endurance athletes. With Beta-Alanine, you can contribute to a sufficient supply of beta-alanine. How much you benefit from beta-alanine depends on the intensity of training and a sufficient protein-rich diet. Intensity is the key to success. Muscle performance is limited by physical exhaustion during training and the caused muscle burning during impending muscle failure. Experienced athletes dose their training so that they achieve only low positive acidity of the muscles. Too strong acid is counterproductive. The muscle would take too long to be exposed to new irritations.

Note: A balanced and varied diet, as well as a healthy lifestyle are of great importance. Do not exceed the indicated daily dose.

Ingredients: Beta-Alanine 85%, gelatin (capsule shell), vitamin B6, rice starch.

Suggested use: take 5-6 capsules distributed throughout the day on the train-free days. On the training days, take the capsules in a portion 30 minutes before training with liquid.

Storage: Always keep the tin closed, cool, dry and out of reach of children.


Inhaltsstoffe / Zutaten

Beta-Alanine 85%, Gelatin (Capsule Shell), Vitamin B6, Rice Starch.



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