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BEPANTHEN eye and nose ointment Dexpanthenol 5 g

BEPANTHEN eye and nose ointment Dexpanthenol 5 g

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BEPANTHEN ® Eye and Nasal Ointment Dexpanthenol

Active ingredient: Dexpanthenol

Areas of application:
To support the healing of superficial light skin damage to the cornea, conjunctiva or nasal mucosa.

Contains wool wax. Note leaflet!

For Dexpanthenol information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Bayer Vital GmbH, 51368 Leverkusen, Germany

For slight damage to the conjunctiva, cornea or nasal mucosa: Bepanthen ® eye and nasal ointment Dexpanthenol

The advantages of Bepanthen ® eye and nasal ointment at a glance:

• promotes healing in the case of minor injuries to the conjunctiva or cornea as well as the nasal mucosa
• ensures sustainable regeneration
• the active ingredient dexpanthenol accelerates the formation of new skin cells
• no coloring, fragrance or preservatives

Bepanthen ® eye and nasal ointment for sustainable regeneration

Im In summer it is the allergy, in winter the runny nose - if the nose runs, we increasingly use handkerchiefs or, if the nose is blocked, decongestant nasal sprays. However, this has the consequence that the nasal mucous membrane gradually dries out and reacts irritated. It feels dry, stinging, itchy, and occasionally crusts.

But not only the inner workings of the nose can suffer from allergies or runny nose. Constant, vigorous blowing of the nose damages the nostrils, for example: They are sensitive, redden and can be painful.

For all those who suffer from a sore nose or a dry, cracked nasal mucous membrane: The Bepanthen ® eye and nasal ointment supports healing, moisturizes, soothes and cares - the nose can regenerate itself sustainably.

The Bepanthen ® eye and nasal ointment Dexpanthenol unfolds its healing effect in the case of minor injuries to the conjunctiva and cornea.

The Bepanthen ® eye and nose ointment Dexpanthenol has the following advantages:

• Supports the natural healing process
• gentle and effective for light, superficial damage to the eyes and nose
• contains no preservatives

The application is simple and practical: Using the cannula, apply a strand of ointment about one centimeter long to the conjunctival sac of the eye (between the eyeball and lower eyelid) or to the nasal mucosa on - and that several times a day, unless otherwise prescribed. Since the ointment is made sterile and without preservatives, it must not be used on the eye for more than a week. The ointment can be used on the nose for up to four weeks.

Less ointment should be used for infants and children. Please also note: Bepanthen ® tubesEye and nasal ointments that have been used once on the nose must no longer be used on the eye.

If you wear contact lenses and would like to use Bepanthen ® ointment on your eyes, please remove the contact lenses before use. On the one hand, contact with the ointment can smear the contact lenses, on the other hand, incompatibilities with the lens material cannot be ruled out. You will find further information on use in the package insert.

You should consult a doctor if your clinical picture worsens or if there is no improvement in the eyes after four days or after a week in the nose.

The active ingredients of the Bepanthen ® eye and nasal ointment Dexpanthenol

To support the healing process in the eyes and nose, the Bepanthen ® eye and nasal ointment contains the active ingredient dexpanthenol. It promotes the formation of new cells and thus stimulates the repair of the damaged tissue. Applying the ointment supports the regeneration of the connective and cornea as well as the nasal mucosa and promotes faster healing.

You too can help your nose and / or your eyes heal: Order the Bepanthen ® eye and nasal ointment here today - without a prescription - and benefit from its soothing and caring properties.

Find out about possible side effects Dexpanthenol in the package insert or ask your doctor or pharmacist.

BEPANTHEN eye and nose ointment Dexpanthenol 5 g


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