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BEKUNIS coated tablets bisacodyl 5 mg gastro-resistant 100 pc.

BEKUNIS coated tablets bisacodyl 5 mg gastro-resistant 100 pc.

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Bekunis Dragees Bisacodyl

Active ingredient: Bisacodyl 5 mg

Areas of application: For short-term use in cases of constipation, diseases that require easier bowel evacuation, and for bowel evacuation during diagnostic and therapeutic interventions on the colon.

Contains lactose and sucrose (sugar) and glucose.

Buy bekunis tablets Proven and reliable

Bisacodyl is an active ingredient that has been tried and tested for decades and makes it easier to empty the bowel. It is used both in acute constipation and in preparation for operations when an empty bowel is required.

Bisacodyl has a twofold effect in our large intestine: On the one hand, it ensures that our intestinal wall releases more water to the large intestine and, on the other hand, it inhibits the withdrawal of water from food. This increases the volume of the stool and stimulates the natural movement of the bowel. Taking it in the evening leads to the desired laxative effect after approx. 10 hours, and taking it on an empty stomach after approx. 6 hours.

BEKUNIS coated tablets bisacodyl 5 mg The classic for constipation

Even 1-2 Bekunis coated tablets bisacodyl in the evening are enough to reactivate the intestine, overnight, so to speak. Taken on an empty stomach, the small coated tablets work after just 6 hours.

The enteric coated tablet with the active ingredient bisacodyl needs this period of time to pass through the stomach and small intestine and reliably fulfill its function in the large intestine. In this way, Bekunis bisacodyl coated tablets reliably solve a blockage.

BEKUNIS coated tablets bisacodyl 5 mg:

• Reliable action
within 6-10 hours

• Enteric coated tablets
work where they should - in the large intestine

• Tried and tested laxative
Even with diseases that require easier bowel evacuation

• Small coated tablets for easy swallowing
For easy swallowing


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