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BASIC gemstones bath salts 700 g

BASIC gemstones bath salts 700 g

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BASIC gemstones bath salts For a conscious life in balance

The harmonious interplay between skin and alkaline bath water as well as the subtle exchange of energy form the basis for the alkaline gemstone bath. The natural minerals and the fine gemstone powder are of elementary particle fineness and purity. This is how you achieve the tangible, transdermal feel-good effect.

Regulato Alkaline Gemstone

BASIC gemstones bath salts Bath:
• when dissolved in water, creates an alkaline pH value of approx. PH 8.5 and gives the skin soothing suppleness • contributes to regeneration during stress and sport
• stimulates the connective tissue
• without fragrances, colorants and preservatives
• without animal substances and petroleum derivatives

The basic dermacosmetic leads to an intensive care experience and noticeable well-being.

BASIC gemstones bath salts Usage:
To get the full benefit from alkaline baths, the bath time should ideally be 30 minutes. After the bath, simply pat the skin dry. Of course, you can also use the alkaline gemstone bath for massage, body peeling and alkaline care for children. The basic salt rubbing in between sauna sessions is an insider tip.

BASIC gemstones bath salts recommendation:
Take our relief plan to heart and feel what a life in harmony and balance can feel like. You can use the following recommendations as a cure for two months or integrate them permanently into your rhythm of life. 3-5 foot baths per week during the day or in the evening, 2 full baths per week ideally 30 minutes followed by rest.

Harmony and balance in sport

Whether as a basis for strenuous activities or as a relaxation aid at the end of a long day - the base products support a sporty life. After physical exertion, what is more important than regeneration? To maintain performance, alkaline foot baths can support the excretory function of the skin. If there is enough time for regeneration, an alkaline full bath is best.

BASIC gemstones bath salts Composition:
Maris Sal, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium chloride (Himalayan Salt), Natural Minerals, Amethyst, Chrysoprase, Sapphire

BASIC gemstones bath salts Warning:
In the case of cardiovascular diseases, the doctor should be consulted beforehand.


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