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BACH BLOSSOM Original Rescura alcohol-free drops

BACH BLOSSOM Original Rescura alcohol-free drops

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BACH BLOSSOM Original Rescura alcohol-free drops

BACH RESCURA™ (previously known as RESCUE ® )

New name: Bach RESCUE ® becomes Bach RESCURA™

Bach RESCUE ® becomes Bach RESCURA™. Apart from the brand name, everything remains the same: the recipes remain the same, the compositions unchanged - and have been for more than 90 years. We continue to be number 1 in the Bach flower market and to this day many of the plants and flowers are hand picked in Edward Bach's garden in England - the original remains original.

Bach RESCURA™ - The Original Bach ® Flower Blend
The Englishman Edward Bach conceived the well-known Bach RESCURA™ blend (previously known as RESCUE ®) from five original Bach ® flower essences in the 1930s, which is now used by consumers in over 45 countries.

The Original Bach ® Flowers
In the 1930s, the Englishman Edward Bach defined 38 basic emotional states and developed the corresponding flower essences. These are known as the Original Bach ® Flowers. For the production he used the flowers of wild plants and trees as well as a rock water. The original Bach ® flowers can provide beneficial support in our daily lives.


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