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Baby nasal spray | PHYSIOMER Baby spray 115ml

Baby nasal spray | PHYSIOMER Baby spray 115ml

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  • Baby nasal spray | Physiomer Baby is specially designed for use on a delicate nose in young children thanks to a safe and delicate Comfort Tip applicator.

Cleans the nasal passages in the case of a cold. It prevents ear infections and secondary infections. Newborns and children. From the moment of birth.

In case of colds, this treatment:

  • hydrates, displaces and moistens the nasal cavities, thus avoiding a dry mucous membrane.
  • eliminates allergenic and infectious agents.
  • facilitates nasal breathing

For daily use as preventive hygiene:

  • Spray this treatment twice for each nostril, morning and evening.
  • Sprays should be repeated if necessary to clear the nasal cavity and eradicate the mucus.

How to use Baby Physiomer:

  1. Lay down baby and tilt his head to the side.
  2. Gently insert the tip into one of the nostrils, pressing briefly to release the solution.
  3. After a few seconds, the solution comes out through the other nostril. This means cleaning is done properly. The Physiomer baby fly can help you pass the solution through the other nostril and evacuate all secretions.
  4. Turn the infant's head to the other side, then repeat the operation for the other nostril.
  5. Lift your baby up by taking her in your arms, then wipe nose with a clean cloth.
  6. Clean the nozzle with hot water after each use.
  • 100% natural sea water
  • No preservatives or chemicals added
  • Sterile
  • Optimal pH for the nasal mucosa
  • Isotonic.

    Physiomer Nasal Hygiene Baby Micro-Diffusion is indicated for cleansing your baby's nose every day, and thus reinforce deffences of the nasal mucous membrane.

    115ml bottle

    When the nose of your baby is blocked, he/she is constrained to breathe with mouth. Not only is it difficult for him/her to breathe with mouth, but it also poses problem for feeding. Indeed, babies can not be bottle or breast-feeded in good conditions. In addition, young babies do not know yet how to breathe with mouth. It is thus important to make sure that there is bother with nasal breathing.

    Sterile and without conservative. Without propellant gas.
    Contains an especially adapted nasal tip.

    Physiomer Baby, based on sea water, is the best ally of mothers for a gentle nasal wash of their infant in case of colds.

    - From the first month, apply this treatment with a jet for micro-diffusion. This allows to gently wash the baby's nose and distribute the solution evenly.


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