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ATOPERAL BABY Plus bath starch 125g

ATOPERAL BABY Plus bath starch 125g

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Atoperal Baby Plus bath starch is an alternative to expensive soothing products. Starch can be successfully used as a regenerating agent for the epidermis and reducing burns and sweats.

ATOPERAL BABY Plus bath starch Action:
The Atoperal Baby Plus line of baby care products has been expanded to include a bath starch. This traditional agent that neutralizes blemishes, chafes and sweats, takes care of the baby's skin, soothing irritation. It has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of damaged epidermis, accelerates healing of small wounds and calms itching and brings relief to dry skin. It also supports the reconstruction of the child's natural protective layer. After applying starch for bathing, a delicate protective film remains on the skin.

ATOPERAL BABY Plus bath starch Application:
Atoperal Baby Plus bath starch designed for the care of problematic skin of children and babies from the first days of life. Particularly recommended for dry, sensitive, atopic and prone to irritation skin such as burns, prickly heat and allergic blemishes.

ATOPERAL BABY Plus bath starch Usage:
Two scoops of starch should be poured into the bathtub with water, mix. The bath should last about 10-15 minutes. Then gently dry the baby's skin so as not to rub off the protective film. The best effects in reducing skin irritation are obtained after a treatment consisting of 10 baths.


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